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Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

Review – Marvel’s The Avengers
The Avengers is poised to be the first true blockbuster of the summer. It has a director that comic book fans love and trust – Joss Whedon – and a build up that began with 2008’s Iron Man. Does it live up to all of the hype? Find out in our review of the film.

A Million Universes – An ode to Ted Mosby
As How I Met Your Mother continues to plug along, some fans have begun to turn on its protagonist Ted Mosby. As the writers look for ways to keep Ted from meeting his soul mate in order to keep the show going, fans have tired of him seemingly running in place. But Nicole Alexandria sees Ted quite differently.

Murphy’s Law – I still don’t like Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon may be Slow Jammin’ the News with President Obama and making surprise appearances on 30 Rock playing a young Alec Baldwin, but Joel Murphy is still staying steadfast in his hatred of the late night host. He explains why he still doesn’t like Fallon in this week’s column.

Positive Cynicism – And the fanboys rush to be first in line to disgrace themselves … yet again
When a female film critic gave The Avengers three stars in her review, many comic book fans lashed out at her for her less-than-glowing review. Even though many of these fans hadn’t actually seen the film yet themselves. Aaron R. Davis calls for an end to their outrage.

Hobo Radio 221 – Sam Jackson, motherf@#kers

Many people are expecting The Avengers to do monster numbers this weekend. And it should, considering it has a secret weapon – Samuel L. Jackson, the highest grossing actor of all time.

Thanks to Jackson’s insane work ethic and willingness to do literally any movie, Guiness now recognizes him as the top earning actor in movie history. Joel Murphy and Lars pay tribute to Jackson and preview The Avengers on this week’s show.

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