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Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

Positive Cynicism – Never talk about politics if you want to keep your sanity
They teach you early on that the two things you shouldn’t discuss in polite company are religion and politics. But the Internet gives people the freedom to share even their craziest political ramblings with complete strangers. Aaron R. Davis discusses these crazy political tirades in this week’s column.

Overrated – Miscellaneous sports moments
Ned Bitters may be an avid sports fan, but there’s still a number of things about athletics that he finds overrated. This week Bitters attacks rabid hockey fans, reckless baseball players and humble athletes. So strap on your foam fingers and prepare to tell Bitters just how wrong he is.

From the Vault – Murphy’s Law – The end is not near for Fido
If you are a devote Christian, you know that on the day the Rapture happens, you’ll end up behind those pearly gates in the sky. But what about your beloved, godless pets? What will become of them? Joel Murphy takes a look at a business looking to solve this unique problem in this classic column.

From the Vault – Hobo Radio 201 – A better class of hookers
When big name celebrities like Eddie Murphy and Hugh Grant get caught with hookers, it’s not the act itself that surprises Joel Murphy, it’s the quality of hookers. He can’t believe there isn’t a network of available attractive call girls ready to service Hollywood’s A-listers at a moment’s notice. He can’t figure out why Charlie Sheen seems to have it right while these other actors seem to have it so very, very wrong.

– Hobo Stu

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