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Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

Review – Battleship
Battleship is a film based on a board game about Navy troops aboard an outdated ship taking on aliens while surrounded by a giant forcefield. On the surface, it seems destined to be a horrible, horrible film. But with Peter Berg and several Friday Night Lights alums involved, can it actually be good? Find out in our review.

A Million Universes – Life advice from a (soon to be) 30 year old
With her 30th birthday just days away, Nicole Alexandria feels compelled to share her collected wisdom with the younger generation. So before she officially says goodbye to her 20s, Alexandria shares her thoughts on marriage, kindness, music and vegetables. Respect your elders and give her column a read.

Positive Cynicism – I don’t need to see Dark Shadows because I already know what happens
Aaron R. Davis has seen enough of Tim Burton’s movies to notice patterns that occur in the filmmaker’s work. In fact, he’s so familiar with Burton’s style that Davis can summarize the plot of Dark Shadows without actually having seen it.

Hobo Radio 222 – Oh geez
John Travolta has found himself in a bit of hot water as of late. The movie star is being accused of attempting to solicit gay sex from a number of masseurs. Joel Murphy and Lars break down the salacious details and share their thoughts on the scandal in this week’s show.

They also share the list of the highest grossing films of all time. The Avengers may be making headlines for its record-setting box office numbers, but when adjusted for inflation, the film’s ticket sales pale in comparison to some truly classic films. Find out the all-time most profitable on the show.

From the Vault – Murphy’s Law – Unplugged
In this column from last year, Joel Murphy talks about moving from Richmond to Baltimore and finding himself without an Internet connection. How does a blogger fare when he’s forced off the grid? Find out in this column.

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