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Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

A Million Universes – The other type of eating disorder
As the summer rapidly approaches, you are no doubt being overwhelmed with talk show segments and magazine articles promising radical weight loss secrets. This week Nicole Alexandria offers her own advice on how to lose weight, one that cuts through the lofty promises and gimmicks.

Murphy’s Law – Mom and dad are fighting
This past Sunday, Joel Murphy found himself caught in the middle of an awkward situation as his cable provider – DISH Network – and the network he was watching – AMC – decided to publicly feud during the Mad Men season finale. Murphy believe that in this very public war, neither side is winning.

Positive Cynicism – It’s the little things
A wise man once sung that it’s “the little things that kill.” This week, Aaron R. Davis channels his inner Gavin Rossdale and share a bunch of little things that are bugging him, including Madonna, Microsoft and Community fans.

Hobo Radio 226 – Elmo has Asperger’s
If there’s one thing Joel Murphy is known for, it’s doing terrible impressions. However, this week Joel stumbles upon an impression he can actually do – Elmo from Sesame Street. He shares the impression with the world this week, which leads to an in-depth discussion about Bert and Ernie’s twisted dynamic on the show.

Also, summertime is upon us as Baltimore holds a massive “Sailabration” down at its harbor and many people head to beaches across the county to swim in the ocean and to tan. But Joel Murphy and Lars aren’t having any of it. Sailabration has just become a massive traffic jam and, as two pasty Irishmen, Joel and Lars can’t tan. They shares their complaints with summer fun this week.

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