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Hello everyone,

Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

Review – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Let’s face it, history can often be dull. This week, filmmakers attempt to fix that problem by making up their own history as Abraham Lincoln takes on an army of undead vampires. Find out if the film is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Review – Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Steve Carell’s new apocalyptic comedy poses the question – what would you do if you knew the world was going to end? But perhaps the bigger question is – is this film worth your hard-earned money? Check out our review to find out.

Positive Cynicism – A letter to my fellow men
This week, Aaron R. Davis finds himself once again addressing his fellow men, calling for an end to the cyber bullying and sexual harassment that sadly still seems to run rampant on the Internet.

The Teachers’ Lounge – Memorable Moments 2012, Pt. III
Throughout the year, high school English teacher Ned Bitters has shared some of his favorite moments from the classroom this year. Now that the school year is coming to a close, he’s back with more ridiculous things his students said and did.

Guest Blog Post – What our commercials say about us
Guest columnist Louis Miles shares his thoughts on the plethora of TV commercials Americans are exposed to and muses on what they would mean to someone from an impoverished nation.

Hobo Radio 227 – It’s not the Mickey Mouse Club
This week, Joel Murphy and Lars host their own mini-high school reunion. In addition to regular guest Greg, they also invite their friends Drew and Nathaniel over to hang out. The five old friends shoot the breeze and reflect on old times in this very laid back podcast. (A podcast so laid back, in fact, that a pizza guy shows up in the middle of it and they just let the show keep rolling.)

– Hobo Stu

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