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Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

A Million Universes – Just one of the guys
Nicole Alexandria has always considered herself more of a guy’s girl than a girlie girl. But lately, she’s found it easier to connect with women her age. She discusses what changed in this week’s column.

Murphy’s Law – William Taft: Werewolf Wrestler
Knowing how much Hollywood loves stealing other people’s ideas instead of coming up with original ones, Joel Murphy piggybacks off of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter this weeks with excerpts from his new screenplay William Taft: Werewolf Wrestler.

Positive Cynicism – The new Burger King
This week, Aaron R. Davis takes us inside the Burger King ad room to show the thought process that went into the company’s latest campaign. If only the Burger King execs were half as creative as Davis is, they might have seen better results.

From the Vault – Hobo Radio 188 – Snuggle bug
Joel Murphy and Lars are taking some much undeserved vacation this week, so we bring you this “classic” show from June 23, 2011. In it, Joel makes the shocking announcement that he is moving the Baltimore, the city he mocked for years, and he’s becoming Lars’ roommate. It’s the show that ended the podcasts done via telephone and finally brought Joel and Lars face to face.

– Hobo Stu

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