From the Vault – Presidents Day

In honor of Presidents Day, here are two articles from the archive to help you get in the spirit of this holiday known mostly for its mattress and used car sales …

Positive Cynicism – A Cynical Celebration of the Presidents
In this 2011 column, Aaron R. Davis gives some background on the origin of Presidents Day and shares a few lesser-known facts about America’s presidents. It’s a history of the most powerful men in the country that you aren’t likely to get in school.

Murphy’s Law – Know your POTUS
In this 2010 column, Joel Murphy urges us all to know our former POTUSes a little bit better. He recommends starting a game show that offers a trip to Fiji for the person who knows the most about our former president. And, to help as along, he shares some info about our 12th president, Zachary Taylor.

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