Weekly Recap – May 11, 2013

Hobo Stu

Hobo Stu

Hello everyone,

Mother’s Day is this weekend, so I really hope that all of you are doing something special with your moms. Hopefully something involving the words “cheesecake” and “factory.”

I wish my mother was still around to see my rise from railway hobo to writer of an online newsletter/mascot. Unfortunately, my mom had a rough life. She was a callgirl who died giving birth to me. I was raised by my biological father Archie and my stepmom Abigail. My dad died tragically after being kicked in the face by a horse when I was 10. From there, Abigail took me and my half brother to live with her and “Uncle Mac.” It was a rough upbringing, but it made me the brilliant and driven ad executive that I am today.

… wait a second, I’m getting my life confused with Don Draper’s again. Never mind. My mom was a saint who cooked my pies and took me to all of my baseball games as a kid. My dad did get kicked in the face by a horse once though, but that’s a whole different story.

Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

Review – The Great Gatsby
Baz Luhrmann made a name for himself giving bygone eras modern flare in Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rogue! Luhrmann once again teams up with Romeo + Juliet star Leonardo DiCaprio to adapt F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby using Luhrmann’s trademark style. Featuring a talented cast and a soundtrack by Jay-Z, the flamboyant film has a lot of hype surrounding it. Find out if it lives up to that hype or if it is simply a high-profile flop in our review.

Doctor Who – “The Crimson Horror”: Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to?
The Doctor and Clara attempt to visit Victorian London, but instead take a wrong turn and end up in Victorian Yorkshire, where people seem to be disappearing into a strange town called “Sweetville.” And others in the area are turning up covered in a mysterious red substance, killed by what is being dubbed “The Crimson Horror.” As The Doctor and Clara investigate, they once again team up with Madam Vastra, Jenny and Strax to take down an evil foe. We present to you now an in-depth review of Saturday’s episode, complete with a title Tommy Tutone would be proud of.

Murphy’s Law – According to Netflix, I don’t exist
Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos responded to questions about other shows following in Arrested Development‘s footsteps by saying: “The Firefly fan is still the Firefly fan from when it was on TV and there’s fewer of them and they’re more passionate every year. Whereas with Arrested Development we’re going to be serving a multiple of the original audience. Any of the other shows we could bring back would be a fraction of the original audience.” Joel Murphy takes exception to Sarandos’ comments in this week’s column.

Positive Cynicism – The golden age of streaming is probably over
Netflix’s online video library was significantly reduced earlier this week when the company lost licenses to almost 1800 titles, including films from Warner Bros., MGM and Universal. Those companies are looking to capitalize on Netflix’s success by stealing away the company’s customers with their own exclusive video streaming sites. This week, Aaron R. Davis looks at this latest development and muses on what it all means for the future of Netflix and the future of streaming.

Hobo Radio 255 – Lucky Yates
Dr. Algernop Krieger, the one-man R&D department for ISIS on the FX show Archer, is by far the most lovable mad scientist Hitler clone on television. Actor, improviser and puppeteer Matt “Lucky” Yates voices Krieger on the show. And while he doesn’t share his on-screen counterpart’s interests in resurrecting the dead, selling arms to the highest bidder or bickering with his hologram bride, Yates has led a colorful life in his own right. In addition to his work on Archer, Yates recently opened up to us about his work as an additional puppeteer on Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, the time he almost named himself Sheriff Yates and the year and a half he was married to a local on a Cherokee Indian reservation.

– Hobo Stu

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