Weekly Recap – May 25, 2013

Hobo Stu

Hobo Stu

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Doctor Who – “The Name of The Doctor”: I Hurt myself today
The seventh season of Doctor Who came to an end on Saturday with enough wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff to make your head explode. The Doctor and Clara ventured to the one place he should never go – Trenzalore – to face an old villain and a new set of monsters known as the Whisper Men. Along the way, Clara’s secret was revealed and a new character was introduced as we all prepare for the big 50th anniversary special in November. Joel Murphy recaps the finale, looks at all of the potential time travel paradoxes and offers a theory on the identity of the new mystery character.

Review – Fast & Furious 6
Joel Murphy considers Fast Five to be “a breakthrough for the Fast and Furious franchise” by zeroing in on exactly what fans want and delivering on those fronts. It’s an utterly ridiculous film that ended up being way more entertaining than it had a right to be. Fast & Furious 6 hopes to capture that lightning in a bottle one more time by bringing most of the Fast Five cast back and adding Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano into the mix. Find out if it lives up to the bar set by its predecessor in our review.

Bacon and Legs – Arrested Development: Hot Ham Water with Bluth Bananas
After seven long years, “the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together” returns with all-new episodes this weekend on Netflix. But this isn’t like TV where the episodes will be released one at a time over the next few weeks. They will all be available at once, meaning that many fans will watch them all in long marathon sessions. Fontina Turner has those fans covered with the food they will need to fuel their epic Bluth-watching sessions – “Hot Ham Water” (with actual ham) and “Bluth Bananas.”

Murphy’s Law – Parents just don’t understand
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which has been on high alert ever since Janet Jackson ripped off her top at the Super Bowl, is considering loosening their restrictions on network television. This has already upset many parent groups, who fear their children will be exposed to copious amounts of sex and vulgar language. This week, Joel Murphy addresses those parents with a simple, straightforward message: “I don’t care about your kids.”

Hobo Radio 256 – Ribs and salsa music
Charles Ramsey, the hero to emerge from the horrific Cleveland kidnapping saga, mentioned that he ate ribs and listened to salsa music with the kidnapper before he knew the man was imprisoning young girls in his home. Joel Murphy and Lars discuss the idea of combining the Latin dance style with the tasty barbecued meat with returning guest Greg. They also discuss bowling, which leads to a heated discussion between Joel and Lars about bowling terminology. After Lars refers to a bowling lane as a “hallway,” Joel objects to the term, which leads to the one of the shoutiest segments on Hobo Radio ever.

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