Weekly Recap – June 29, 2013

Hobo Stu

Hobo Stu

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Review – The Heat
Director Paul Feig turned heads with his 2011 film Bridesmaids, the smash hit comedy that made $169 million domestically. Feig follows that up with The Heat, his take on the classic buddy cop genre, which stars Sandra Bullock as a by-the-book FBI agent and Melissa McCarthy as the slovenly, more free spirited local police officer Bullock is forced to team up with. Find out if Feig is able to capture lightning in a bottle twice or if his new film fails to live up to the hype in our in-depth review.

Bacon and Legs – Dexter’s Blood-Spattered Donuts
The key to being a successful serial killer is staying under the radar. And one of the ways that serial killer Dexter Morgan tries to blend in with his coworkers is by bringing them tasty donuts. So in honor of the final season of Dexter on Showtime, Fontina Turner has composed a tasty donut recipe you can make at home to fool your coworkers into thinking you’re normal. But instead of going the traditional, unassuming donut route, Turner serves up “Dexter’s Blood-Spattered Donuts,” a ghoulish concoction featuring blood-like raspberry jam that will assure that your kill room is the tastiest one in all of Florida.

Positive Cynicism – Let’s complain about stereotypes we pretend we don’t perpetuate
Lifetime’s new primetime drama Devious Maids has been catching flack from some critics for its decision to make all of its Latina characters maids. Aaron R. Davis can’t help but notice that the critics loudly complaining about that happen to be white, not Latina. And they are criticizing a decision made by the show’s creator and producer Eva Longoria, who is Latina. Davis can’t help but see the irony in white people telling Latinas how they should present themselves on television, even if those people think they are “helping.”

Hobo Radio 260 – Act One: Accent Mark
Joel Murphy and Lars show just how well balanced Hobo Radio can be by segueing seamlessly from an in-depth discussion of the Fast and the Furious franchise into a discussion of This American Life and its frequent contributor David Sedaris. There truly is something for everyone on this week’s show. They also dissect Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which they believe was written by out of touch adults who didn’t understand the teenagers they were writing for, and they share their thoughts on the late, great James Gandolifini and the legacy he leaves behind.

From the Vault – One on One with Jonah Hill
These days, Jonah Hill is an Academy Award winning actor who is starring in one of the summer’s biggest and most raucous comedies, This is the End. But back in 2006, he was promoting his new film Accepted. And back then, all it took was one small scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin to become a fan of Jonah Hill for life. What’s not to love about a guy who wants nothing more than to be able to buy a pair of hooker boots with goldfish in them? If it really is about the simpler things in life then Jonah had it made. In 2006, Hill kicked off his boots and sat down with us to talk about life as a writer-turned-actor.

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