Weekly Recap – July 20, 2013

Hobo Stu

Hobo Stu

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Breakdown – Spoiler-free thoughts on Orange Is the New Black
Netflix has followed up the well-received exclusive programming House of Cards and Arrested Development with a new series by Weeds creator Jenji Kohan entitled Orange Is the New Black. The series, based on a memoir by writer and former inmate Piper Kerman, tells the story of a middle class white girl who is sentenced to 14 months in prison for her brief role in a drug ring years earlier. Joel Murphy has a spoiler-free overview of season one, which was released in its entirety last Thursday.

Review – Red 2
Director Dean Parisot hopes to recapture the fun of 2010′s Red with this sequel that reunites Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren. (Interestingly enough, this film is actually competing against R.I.P.D., which is directed by the man who made the first Red, Robert Schwentke.) Once again, Willis’ ex-CIA agent Frank Moses finds his life in jeopardy. Find out if Parisot succeeds, or if this is another case of a franchise suffering from a “sophomore slump” in our review.

Murphy’s Law – A deleted scene from The Dark Knight Rises
Whether you loved The Dark Knight Rises or you hated it, chances are you have thoughts on the memorable ending scene that takes place at a cafe in Florence, Italy. But did you know there was a deleted scene that took place right before that emotional reunion? Joel Murphy uncovered the scene and he’s sharing it with all of you fine readers today … okay fine, he didn’t actually “uncover” anything. He completely made it up, just like other sites continue to make up all of those Justice League rumors. Nonetheless, it’s still an entertaining fantasy.

Positive Cynicism – A look at my creative process
Have you ever wanted to write your own Internet column? Do you think you have what it takes to spew out your thoughts into an entertaining weekly feature? Well, if so, my friends, this week you are in luck because Aaron R. Davis gives everyone a glimpse into the creative process that allows him to methodically produce excellent Positive Cynicism columns week after week. So if you ever wondered how the sausage gets made, make sure to check out this rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into Davis’ creative world.

Hobo Radio 262 – Food puns with Fontina Turner
Today is a special day for Joel Murphy and Lars – it’s their five-year anniversary of doing Hobo Radio together. And while they don’t celebrate over a candle-lit dinner, they do get HoboTrashcan’s new food writer Fontina Turner on the show with them to at least talk about making tasty food. Lars and Fontina also square off in the Netflix Game, Turner opens up about her fear of clowns and the trio talk about networks who try to use hashtags to promote their shows. Who will win the Netflix game? What’s the traditional five-year anniversary gift? How close to the beginning of Cinderella was Fontina’s childhood? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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