Weekly Recap – July 27, 2013

Hobo Stu

Hobo Stu

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Review – The Wolverine
Out of all of the X-Men characters, Wolverine seems to be the easiest one to spinoff into his own cinematic adventures. That’s why X-Men Origins: Wolverine seemed like such a no-brainer. Unfortunately, that film turned out to be an unmitigated disaster. So 20th Century Fox is looking for a do over with The Wolverine, a film set after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand. Do they get it right this time around? Find out in our review.

Bacon and Legs – The Wolverine Snikt-a-bobs and Jean Grey Goose martinis
We always see Wolverine using his adamantium claws to take down one of Magneto’s cronies or a soulless robotic Sentinel, but we never get to see how the mutant uses his metal blades in his every day life. Perhaps he uses them to make shish kabob for his friends at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. If he does, here’s hoping he uses Fontina Turner’s delicious Yakitori-style shish kabob recipe, which she has concocted in honor of The Wolverine hitting theaters this weekend. It even comes with a recipe for Jean Grey Goose martinis to really get the party going.

Murphy’s Law – Battlestar Britannica
What happens when you marathon watch Battlestar Galactica on Netflix and then switch over to the coverage of the royal baby being born? Well, if you’re Joel Murphy, you end up mashing the two things up together into a bizarre fever dream of a story, which you then feel compelled to share with the rest of the world. So if you are looking for a different take on William and Kate’s baby or you just want to read the strangest bit of Battlestar Galactica fanfic ever, check out today’s Murphy’s Law.

Positive Cynicism – How Sharknado forced me to confront my own mortality
The SyFy Original Movie Sharknado captured the imagination of the Internet last week, leading to countless Twitter liveblogs and Tumblr posts spoofing the ridiculous film that, as the name implies, involves a water spout that airlifts sharks to Los Angeles. For most viewers it was simply harmless fun. But for Aaron R. Davis, the film was something different. It was a wake up call that reminded him that he’s not as young as he used to be and that he won’t live forever. How did that happen? Find out in today’s column.

Hobo Radio 263 – Don’t make ‘em special
Over the past 263 shows, Joel Murphy and Lars have learned a trick to make the podcasts entertaining: don’t make ‘em special. This week, it’s another run of the mill Hobo Radio chat covering a wide range of topics. The boys discuss Christopher Robin’s various psychoses on display in Winnie the Pooh, the unreliability of historical records and the misuse of the phrase “based on a true story.” If that wasn’t enough, they also play another round of the Netflix game and come up with a genius solution for how to make Comic-Con accessible to everyone.

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