Weekly Recap – August 3, 2013

Hobo Stu

Hobo Stu

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Review – 2 Guns
It hasn’t been the best summer for big budget action films. Many summer blockbusters have come and gone, never quite being as entertaining or as memorable as they should be. With so many comic book movies and other established franchises serving up lukewarm fare, is there any hope for 2 Guns, which looks to be a throwaway movie with a lackluster title? You may be surprised. Read our review to find out how 2 Guns stacks up against the competition.

Hobo Radio 264 – Let’s get weird
Joel Murphy has found himself underwhelmed by this summer’s crop of action films and he finally figured out why: they aren’t weird enough. Big budget Hollywood films just feel so homogenized and formulaic. They aren’t allowed to stray too far from the norm. And, as a result, they are dreadfully dull. Murphy and Lars call for a return to the weird action films of the 1980s. They also discuss their dream for two of the weirdest celebrities out there to collaborate on a project – David Lynch and Björk. Plus, the dynamic duo discuss tipping for carryout orders, dealing with difficult taxi drivers and how different races are presented in movies.

Bacon and Legs – Water and pop
This week, Fontina Turner takes a break from her normal pop culture-themed recipes to introduce a new wrinkle to Bacon and Legs. She is combining her love of pop culture with her love of art (she is a graphic designer in her day job) to tell you all why you should love Andy Warhol. Perrier has introduced a new line of bottles based on Warhol’s designs, which Turner encourages you to pick up and admire (and possibly drink).

Positive Cynicism – You’re not entitled to anything
The Internet can be an amazing tool that allows people to connect to others and to seek out information that they otherwise would never have access to. Unfortunately, it also is a resource that brings out tools who use it to bully others and to ram their opinions down your throat. This week, Davis’ talks about these tools and their over-the-top reactions to Fez developer Phil Fish, Selena Gomez and the biggest hot button issue of all … wateremelon-flavored Oreos. Read the column and then share your own angry tirades in the comments.

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