Weekly Recap – September 6, 2013

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Breaking Bad – “Rabid Dog”: The Devil and Mr. Pinkman
As so often happens on Breaking Bad, last week’s episode left viewers with an exciting cliffhanger that had people wondering how Walter White would get his way out of this mess. This week, the show gives us the aftermath – changing up its usual format by withholding key information, then flashing back to it later in the episode. “Rabid Dog” doesn’t have the same unrelenting pace that the previous episodes this season have, but its still an incredibly entertaining hour of television. And once again, we have an in-depth recap of all the action.

Bacon and Legs – It’s Always Yummy in Philadelphia: Pretzel and Cheesesteak Strata
On September 4, the new season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will premiere on FXX, FX’s new comedy spinoff channel. Fontina Turner isn’t just a huge fan of the show. As a resident of Philadelphia, she takes a lot of pride in hometown boy Rob McElhenney and his decision to set the show in the “City of Brotherly Love.” So to celebrate the show, and the city it takes place in, Fontina offers up a recipe that combines two foods Philadelphia is known for – cheesesteak and pretzels. She promises it is even better than human meat.

Murphy’s Law – Building a better washing machine
The first electric washing machines were invented back at the dawn of the 20th century. After 100 years of doing laundry the same way, Joel Murphy thinks its time for a change. This week, he calls for washer and dryer makers to step up their game. He wants a faster, more efficient machine that keeps doing laundry from being the soul-sucking chore that it is. And, until that happens, he believes we will never become the futuristic, metallic-jumpsuit-wearing utopian society that was promised to use in all of those old sci-fi movies.

Note to Self – Why your team won’t win the Super Bowl 2013
The 2013 – 2014 NFL season starts tonight as the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens take on the Denver Broncos. Already, the talking heads and the so-called pundits on ESPN and your local sports stations have weighed in on which teams will be hot this year. And maybe they have you buying into the hype. But no NFL season preview is complete without Brian Murphy’s annual “Why your team won’t win the Super Bowl” column, which is here for the 10th year in a row to deflate the expectations of all the Kool-Aid drinking superfans.

Positive Cynicism – I’m more of a halfway-decent man
Aaron R. Davis’ best friend Carl is getting married on Saturday. And he has asked Davis to be his best man. While he is certainly happy for his best friend and excited to see him marry the woman that he loves, the thought of being the best man at a wedding and having that much attention focused on him throughout the ceremony and the reception has filled Davis with anxiety about the big weekend. He examines where these feelings of doubt and anxiety come from and why it’s important for him to overcome them in this week’s column.

Hobo Radio 269 – Can I kiss it?
It’s hard to define art. What one person sees as a beautiful artistic expression can just be a series of paint blotches to someone else. And what someone sees as an artistic photo of people’s feet can be seen as a creepy collection of foot fetish photos to someone else. This week on the podcast, Lars shares the story of a lady friend of his who encountered a man claiming to be a photographer looking to take photos of her feet, but quickly turned out to be a man on a mission for foot porn. The dynamic duo also discuss terrible sports fashion choices, bad parking etiquette and the brilliance of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. And, Joel shares a ridiculous road sign he recently encountered.

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