Thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead

Undoubtedly, The Walking Dead is a show that has millions of fans worldwide. Once it witnessed its season finale, the sad crowd of people that don’t know what to do with themselves because their show’s latest season ended, was raised from the dead (see what I did there?) with the news that The Walking Dead is getting a spinoff. Unlike blockbuster movies that quickly jump to the we-are-all-going-to-die part, Fear the Walking Dead, as the show is titled, decided to start things slowly. The spinoff, in fact, focuses on the beginning of the story and lets us find out more about our favourite characters’ background. So far, only two episodes have aired after the show had its premiere on August 23. Here are my thoughts so far.

Might Be Too Slow for Thrill Seekers

I mean seriously, the show not only took its time to work on the story, but it seemed to kind of forgot where it was headed in the first place. It’s one thing to take it slow and completely another to kill your viewers with boredom. The first episode angered many fans used to the fast paced storylines with lots of zombies, blood and action. However, I have to point out that I understand where this is going. It IS giving us the BEGINNING, after all. We had a fair portion of killing, screaming and running in the original show, didn’t we? The point of the show, or at least of its first episodes, is not to make you cheering at the screen, but to give a portrait of how the zombie apocalypse started. Thus, even though I agree it was a bit too slow for my taste, it wasn’t too much of a surprise.

“So Close, Yet So Far” Sets a New Pace?

Okay, yes – the first episode was too slow; we were all disappointed, but still started watching the second one. Then, I think, we got to feel some of the good old Walking Dead atmosphere when “So Close, Yet So Far” offered some drama as well as some zombies. I personally love that every time Fear the Walking Dead treats us with the undead, I get way more excited than when they appeared on the original show. This is, for now, one of the things that make the spinoff unique. You are not used to seeing zombies everywhere eating heads and attacking people. Hence, when they do show, you know drama is coming. I believe that soon enough we will be in contact with zombies much more, since “When civilisation ends, it ends fast.” Nevertheless, I am not disappointed with the current slow pace that gets you prepared for the big boom, for the point of no going back. I could feel how the second episode was much more tensed than the first one and I expect all the following ones to maintain this trend. Plus, if you miss the thrill that much, you can always rewatch The Walking Dead or play The Walking Dead themed games. Did you know that there is a Walking Dead slot machine? It offers amazing game play and fantastic bonuses that are explained here perfectly. This game can be found in reliable and trusted casinos and it can make up for Fear the Walking Dead’s lack of action.

Already Seen Scenarios

I would highlight that the storyline is not that authentic, even though I wasn’t expecting something never seen before. There are all the expected pre-apocalypse suffering souls, empty streets, people going hysterical and lack of information provided by the authorities. Depending on the viewers, this can be a real turnoff as well as the right way to announce what’s coming our way. Apocalypse of the world overlaps with apocalypse of people’s lives and everyone is acting weird without even knowing why. One thing, however, that was quite fresh and notable was that creepy zombie principal. Never trust a principle that has blood on the shirt, spooky eyes and is trying to eat you!

What’s going on with everyone?

If you ask me, the stories are more or less okay. The Clarks and the Manawas finally understand that the situation is pretty serious in separate events. Travis, Nick and Madison decide to go to the desert and I can’t see how that’s a good idea. Nevertheless, we’ll see what happens next Sunday with those three. Alicia finds Matt sick after entering his wide open front door. Going into people’s homes uninvited when the door is randomly open makes sense in no universe, ever. Chris is in the middle of a street protest and ignoring his father’s phone calls, but nonetheless he is saved just in time.

Final Thoughts on the Show (for now)

All in all, I think that Fear the Walking Dead managed to live up to expectations. The first episodes received pretty much good ratings and I’ve heard many people say they enjoyed watching them. It definitely had some scenes that didn’t make sense and could be better. Nevertheless, it’s been only two weeks and I am willing to give the show a bit more time before making my final decision whether I love it or hate it.

What do you think? Did you watch episode 1 and 2? Are you disappointed by the slow pace? Please share your thoughts below.


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