Poppin’ Molly – Kim Davis and the Hero’s Journey

Molly Regan

Molly Regan

I’ve discovered something wonderful. I knew I was obligated to write about Kim Davis, as her teary-eyed cries of oppression have been clogging up my newsfeed for days. I’m as sick of hearing about her as everyone else. I mean, she’s a straight up bigot who thinks that being denied the ability to oppress others is the same thing as being oppressed herself. It’s a tired story of American prejudice that has been so overdone it’s hard not to yawn through every update regarding her case.

Until I realized something spectacular – Kim Davis is on the Hero’s Journey. She is living the monomyth.

Whether you love her or hate her, I can promise you, this woman is on a journey that will transform her. Allow me to explain:

The Call To Adventure

Kim Davis’ sense of normalcy is severely disrupted on June 26, 2015 when the supreme court rules that gay marriage is legal in all fifty states.

Refusal of the Call

Kim Davis makes the decision to refuse to honor the supreme court decison, interfering with her ability to properly perform her job issuing marriage licenses to the people of Rowan County, Kentucky.

Supernatural Aid

A bunch of bigoted asshats decide to latch onto Kim’s story and try to hold her up as a beacon of religious conviction.

Crossing the Threshold

Kim Davis receives a court order to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, or else she will face legal ramifications.

Belly of the Whale

Kim Davis is held in contempt of court for continuing to refuse to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. She is thrown in jail.

The Road of Trials

Kim Davis’ personal life is exposed. Her three previous marriages become the hot topic of every news channel, and the major question becomes “How can she defend the sanctity of marriage when she dishonors the institution herself?” We learn that she was pregnant with a child from one marriage as she entered into another. Her character is called into question. Jokes about her appearance become very popular, and memes comparing her to Kathy Bates in “Misery” are all the rage.

The Meeting With the Goddess

Kim Davis spends five days in jail, praying and contemplating. Whether she knows it or not, she is trying to figure out why she is behaving like such a douche.

Woman as Temptress

Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz and others publicly proclaim their support for Kim Davis. They encourage her to stick to her guns and refuse to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, no matter the cost. They hold her up as a hero.

Atonement with the Father

Kim Davis is released from jail, under the condition that she does not in any way interfere with her department issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.


Kim Davis is released from jail in a spectacle celebration to the tune of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”. She cries, prays and thanks the public for their support.

The Ultimate Boon

Kim Davis returns to work, under the condition that she issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

Refusal of the Return

Kim Davis states that she will not issue marriage licenses to gay couples as it still conflicts with her religious beliefs.

The Magic Flight

Kim Davis is torn between upholding her court orders and pleasing her supporters.

Rescue From Without

Kim Davis’ clerks issue marriage licenses to gay couples, defying her wishes to prevent the legal recognition of their marriages.

The Crossing of the Return Threshold

Kim Davis realizes what pretty much everyone else has managed to figure out – she can feel however she wants about gay marriage, but she can’t let that attitude interfere with her work. She announces that she will not interfere with her clerks issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

Master of Two Worlds

Kim Davis tries to navigate the difficult task of keeping her religious beliefs out of her professional life.

Freedom to Live

Kim Davis (hopefully) stops obsessing about same sex couples and just moves on with her life.

Am I saying that Kim Davis is a hero? Fuck no. But seriously, this woman is on a journey. And while it seems like a pretty ridiculous hurdle to overcome, clearly the idea of issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples was so ludicrous to Kim Davis that it really was her personal call to adventure. And with the announcement that she will, begrudgingly, allow her deputies to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, it seems pretty clear that Kim Davis is changed by her journey.

I never in a million years could’ve imagined myself writing this, but way to go Kim Davis. It’s been a difficult journey. And you managed to make it through even with that horrible temptress Mike Huckabee trying to lead you to the dark side.


Molly Regan is an improviser and writer in Baltimore. She likes chicken pot pie, Adam Scott’s butt and riot grrl.

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