Best of January 2016

We know you are busy people. But that’s no reason to miss out on all of the amazing content being posted on every single month. So for those of you too busy moving and shaking to check the site every day, we’ve collected the best content from the past month for you to enjoy in this handy collection.

One on One with Janet Varney

janetvarney1 You’ve seen Janet Varney in memorable roles like Becca Barbara in You’re the Worst and Carly in Burning Love. And you’ve heard her voice as the titular Korra in The Legend of Korra. But her acting career almost didn’t come to be. It was only after her friends convinced her to join their comedy troupe in San Francisco that she strayed away from her more sensible plan of becoming an architect or interior designer.

We recently talked to Varney about founding SF Sketchfest, running around in a pregnancy pad and four-inch stilettos in You’re the Worst and her humble beginnings as “Party Girl” in Catwoman.

Hobo Radio 379 – It means sex (ft. Jacq the Stripper)

When last we talked to Jacq the Stripper, she had just released her memoir The Beaver Show and was running a Kickstarter campaign to finance a book tour.

This month, Jacqueline Frances officially kicked off her tour with a road trip to Baltimore (after Joel Murphy’s gentle pleadings to get her to come to “the forgotten stepchild of the East Coast”). So Murphy and Lars Periwinkle stopped Jacq’s posh AirBnB to talk about the tour and to shoot the breeze. But mostly, they just all got distracted by the Michael Bay action film Armageddon, which was playing in the background.

Bacon and Legs – Stan’s Food Restaurant (American Dad-inspired recipe)

Fontina Turner shares two American Dad-inspired recipes – Captain Crunch Vegetable Tempura and Chocolate Chip Meatballs.


Poppin’ Molly – What Spotlight and Room get right in their depictions of sexual assault victims

Molly Regan explains why the care and nuance Spotlight and Room use in depicting victims of sexual assault matters and why its so important that the Academy rewarded these films for doing so.

Schrödinger’s Plot – What if the Oscars got it right?

Joel Murphy explores an alternate reality where the Academy Awards “got it right” instead of being “so white.”

Hobo Radio Cafe – A tribute to David Bowie(‘s penis)

Hobo Radio Cafe is a new feature launched in December that takes audio highlights from HoboTrashcan’s weekly pop culture podcast Hobo Radio and adds animation. In this installment, Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle pay tribute to David Bowie … by reminiscing about seeing his penis in Labyrinth.

Audio taken from: Hobo Radio 327 – Halloween Spooktacular 2014

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