Grace nervous about her memoir release

Laura Jane Grace, the singer from Against Me! reveals some nerves about the planned release of her memoirs in November 2016, Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout, where she reveals journal entries from her childhood and her life as a punk rocker and transgendered individual. Grace is an outspoken advocate for the transgendered community and spoke out about the hate crime that took place in her home state.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine on Wednesday, Grace revealed some hesitation about the release of her book following the mass shooting at a gay nightclub early Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida. The shooting is one of the most recent tragedies to hit the LGBT community following the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage in June 2015.

Following this decision, there has been a rise in transphobic and homophobic discourse. Grace reported feeling deep grief and sadness about the shooting, like many felt as the news poured in about the 49 deaths and many others injured. She is aware of the Pulse nightclub and the area as a place she could easily picture herself being. Grace has dealt with transgendered insults and negative attitudes over the years, and being a punk rock hero has not provided her with shelter.

Grace had some colorful language used to transcribe her thoughts and feelings about humanity and even reported not wanting to write about being transgendered at first. She noted that the nightclub incident was not targeting the transgendered population specifically, but the violence towards the LGBT community is the type of violence felt throughout the community. Grace continues to plan for the release of her memoirs because she hopes it will help other transgendered individuals with their struggles, but she also reports feeling terrified.


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