The world’s top 10 most expensive yachts

The world’s top 10 most expensive yachts really demonstrate that for a lot of wealthy people, owning a yacht really is just a matter of status signaling. They’re not really interested in the comfortable ride on their own large boat. They’re just interested in being able to show off how wealthy they are. People sometimes play games at the Royal Vegas online casino in the hopes that they will one day be able to afford yachts in that price range. However, even winning a jackpot at the Royal Vegas online casino is usually not going to be anywhere near enough to give people what they need for one of the world’s top 10 most expensive yachts.

The Rising Sun is not even highly ranked on this list, and it is worth 200 million dollars. The Seven Seas, which was built for

Stephen Spielberg, is an even bigger yacht. People will usually only get one to twenty million dollars in an Internet casino jackpot. The world’s top 10 most expensive yachts would eat up that sum in the blink of an eye, and people who own ships like these are going to spend more than twenty million dollars or so on yacht repairs alone. These boats are not really sound financial investments, given that they’re going to be prone to so many failures over the years and people are going to have such a hard time making the boats last long enough to sell them to some other equally rich people. The world’s top 10 most expensive yachts are for the people who never have to worry about their investments depreciating in value.

The Eclipse is probably the most expensive finished yacht in the world, but it is not going to hold that title for too much longer. By the time that the Streets of Monaco yacht is built, it is easily going to eclipse the Eclipse in price. The Streets of Monaco yacht really does look like an entire resort on a boat, or even an entire city on a boat. This is the sort of yacht that people really only build for themselves because they are trying to show off how wealthy they are. However, the Eclipse already cost around 1.5 billion dollars to build, so there is really no getting around just how shockingly opulent these huge boats and ships really are.

In between the Rising Sun, the Seven Seas and the Streets of Monaco there is the Dubai, the Superyacht A, the All Said, the Dilbar, the Al Mirqab, and the Lady Moura. These boats are still not going to manage to match the sheer power of some of the other yachts that are still under construction today, which should really speak to the fact that the wealthy people in this world keep on trying to top one another. A casino jackpot is going to make people rich in the eyes of other people from the upper middle class or the middle class. People will be happier if they enjoy that level.


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