Will Tom Hardy be the next James Bond?


With Daniel Craig looking evermore unlikely to return to the role of 007, the search is still on for who will be the next Bond. And it’s Tom Hardy’s that keeps cropping up as being the most likely candidate for this role.

Thanks to high-profile movie successes like Mad Max: Fury Road, The Dark Knight Rises and The Revenant, it’s thought that Hardy has the cinematic clout necessary to deliver box office gold – plus his recent crime-fighting adventures won’t have harmed his prospects either!

But despite this, there are still plenty of other contenders who stand a good chance of playing the British spy who’s appeared in iconic films like Goldfinger, From Russia With Love and Casino Royale.


Although Tom Hiddleston was marked as a strong contender for the 007 role, it was recently revealed that Bond bosses have declared him to be too ‘smug and not tough enough’ to play the role of the movie icon.

Many people seem to be gambling on Aidan Turner to be the next Bond as his escapades in Poldark show that he can handle tough action and romantic drama. And whilst Turner’s evasive answers regarding a future Bond role may fuel further speculation, it seems that Michael Fassbender could be a more high-profile option.


However, the famously-versatile Fassbender might find the Bond role too restrictive. And so there’s a chance that lesser-known actors like Ben Hur’s Jack Huston could be decent alternative for following on from Bond’s previous adventures in glamorous places like the gaming tables of the Casino Royale movie.

But, as Lucky Nugget Casino’s blog shows us how gambling is evolving from the old-fashioned table games of Casino Royale, there have been calls for James Bond to also change with the times.

So rather than the standard Bond archetype of the white male, there’s been many people suggesting that we could see Idris Elba playing the first black 007. Although Elba has repeatedly played down such speculation, it seems as though he’s willing to let a few things slip as to how he might be considering a role as James Bond.

And then there’s the famously eccentric footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who seems to think that neither nationality or acting skills should be a barrier to him getting the next Bond role. So whilst it seems that Tom Hardy is a frontrunner for picking up the 007 part, it seems as though it would be easier to guess the result of a slots game than to know who will be the next Bond!


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