Are these the three most unusual places to get married?


Wedding days are undeniably special, but some couples have gone that extra mile to make their wedding days truly remarkable. Besides the dress, menu and photographs, one of the most important parts of any grand event is the location. So, where are the most unusual places to have your nuptials?


Let’s begin with one wedding venue that may not be too crazy but is still pretty different from the traditional churches or courts. For decades now, people have been eloping to Las Vegas, Nevada, to get married, but did you know many casinos around the world actually provide wedding packages as well? Of course, this option is best suited to couples who love playing casino games, which may be more common than you think as millions of people throughout the US and Canada play online. In fact, according to an article from the 888poker eMagazine online casino games like poker may even encourage couples to meet. It’s no longer a solo game. On the contrary, poker played among friends is encouraged and with chat functions we’re sure people are meeting for the first time at online casinos quite frequently. Prices depend on where you opt for, so make sure you check out all the locations before picking one for your special day.

Ice Hotel

For the true Disney Princesses out there, there’s the very real chance of getting married in the Ice Hotel. Located deep in the Scandinavian wilderness between the months of December and April, the Ice Hotel is the perfect place to get married if you’re looking for something completely different. As you may have assumed, you will have to travel to Sweden to be married in the real winter wonderland, which means that couples will have to apply for marriage certificate with the local tax office. Still, it will all be worth it when you are treated to premium cuisine, unique activities and beautiful bedrooms. Plus, since the Ice Hotel is redesigned every single year the happy couple will be have a special day unlike anybody else’s – literally!


Okay, so you can’t actually get married in space yet, but you can get wed while weightless. For approximately $24 million, space enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike are welcome to get married in an anti-gravity cabin with 36 of their closest (and bravest) family and friends. The happy couple and their guests will board a plane before climbing 34,000 feet. There, the plane will perform several parabola loops enabling the party to float weightlessly in the air for a few seconds at a time. In total, you could be floating for eight minutes! These special flights depart from Miami, Austin and Las Vegas; though there’s a chance the operators, Zero G, might come to wherever your wedding is taking place. We do recommend however that you keep the menu bland both before and after the plane ride.

There you have it, three unusual places to get married. Of course, churches and courts are perfectly fine but it’s nice to know there are some couples out there who truly made their day stand out. 

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