A Cinecle View – Tyrese Gibson needs professional assistance

Tony Marion

Tony Marion

Don’t you hate it when the author/movie producer/phone sex operator spoils the ending right up front?

Actor, model, singer, child from a Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Video trapped in a big person’s body, Tyrese Gibson, continued the tantrum that keeps on giving last week over Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham’s spinoff movie from the Fast and/or Furious franchise and its
promotion in the production schedule ahead of the 9th installment in the core story.

Gibson unleashed a combination of jealousy and woe-is-me on Instagram that, while definitely not rising to Kathy Griffin levels of selfish delusional bitterness, is still mind blowingly embarrassing. Well, it would be if he had an ounce of self awareness …


Hello world………. hello loyal fans and loved ones from OUR fast universe…….. I’m sorry to announce that if Dewayne is in Fast9 there will no more Roman Peirce – You mess with family and my daughters survival I mess with yours……… close your eyes dude you’re a “Clown”…… #CandyAssBitchMade All my real one…. Men on integrity… my real ones out here stand UP…… folks that GP to the gym and get big naturally #NoJuice #NoOJ spin off huh? Spin off these nuts selfish champ…… pause notice who’s got his arms around my shoulder and who’s standing alone – #OurChildrenMatter

Then, several hours later, added this powerful coup de gras:


Cropped #ShaylaRocks the real #CandyAssIsWearingBlack

Wow, sick burn, bruh!

First, like Griffin, his attempt to employ the “give me what I want or I’ll teach you a lesson by skipping my next seven figure paycheck” is childish and doomed to fail. When someone is funding your entire life in exchange for you running around in front of cameras pretending that you’re some sort of racecar driver/superspy hybrid, maybe you just do what they ask because they not only pay you, but they’ve also figured out how to invest over $1,000,000,000 in eight films that collectively made FIVE TIMES that figure in worldwide box office alone.

$4,000,000,000 buys really thick gloves; stop trying to bite the hand that feeds you.

Second, “… notice who’s got his arms around my shoulder and who’s standing alone …”

Yeah, the actual star and producer of the franchise may have his arms around Gibson in that photo, but he’s made it pretty clear that he’s following his business sense when it’s comes to the Fast & Furious release schedule.

The budget was up and the gross was down on the last movie, but Johnson and Statham were undeniably magnetic together; spinning them off for one movie to relieve audience palate fatigue before the franchise starts to actually lose money potentially benefits the entire “family” in the long run. And it’s not the rest of the family’s fault that Gibson finds himself
in his current position financially or legally, but that doesn’t stop him from selfishly lashing out at them.