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Murphy’s Law – A SFW review of Wolverine XXX

Building an entertaining film around Wolverine seems like a no-brainer. However, Hollywood has taken two shots at giving Wolverine his own standalone film, neither of which worked as well as they should have. So perhaps there is only one man who can get it right - Axel

Murphy’s Law – A SFW review of Star Wars XXX

Joel Murphy With Axel Braun’s latest film, Star Wars fans finally have a chance to watch their beloved characters do what George Lucas has been doing to them for years. As part of Vivid Entertainment, Braun has made a name for himself with his superhero parodies (Batman

Murphy’s Law – A SFW review of Spider-man XXX

Joel Murphy When Stan Lee introduced Mary Jane Watson into the Spider-man comics in the 1960s, it was done via a running joke where Aunt May kept trying to set Peter up with the “nice girl” who lived next door. Peter Parker had never met Mary Jane