The Hobo Taco
  • 8 Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets
  • 1 packet of Chick-fil-a sauce
  • 1 Chalupa with lettuce and cheese
  • 1 small order of Checkers fries
  1. Drive to all three restaurants ordering the necessary ingredients.
  2. If you start to feel embarrassed about the passenger seat full of assorted fast food bags, mumble something to the cashier about picking up lunch orders for your ungrateful coworkers.
  3. For the Chalupa, I ordered one with chicken in it as well, which I discarded. But that was mainly because I felt too silly to just order one with lettuce and cheese. Skip this step if you have less shame than me.
  4. Drive home. Question your life decisions up until this point.
  5. Dump out the contents of the Chalupa onto a plate and set them aside.
  6. Fill the bottom of the Chalupa with a layer of fries.
  7. Add a layer of chicken nuggets.
  8. You will have leftover nuggets and fries. Eat those separately. And proudly.
  9. Microwave the Chalupa for 40 seconds.
  10. Remove from the microwave and add the Chick-fil-a sauce, lettuce and cheese.
  11. Shove Hobo Taco into your face and have your life forever changed for the better.
Recipe by HoboTrashcan at