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Bacon and Legs – Loot you’ll like

This week, Fontina Turner takes a break from the pop culture-themed recipes to tell you about a service she loves - Loot Crate. It's a company that sends you a mystery box each month filled with nerdy goodies. Evverything from PEZ dispensers to Funko figures to comic

Bacon and Legs – Holy S#%t Snacks!

The popular FX spy comedy Archer recently did something unexpected - it completely blew up its format. The show abandoned the ISIS spy agency all together, decided to rebrand the show Archer Vice. Now the gang find themselves on the wrong side of the law, selling coke

Bacon and Legs – The Elf diet

One of the best parts about the Christmas season is snuggling up on the couch and watching your favorite Christmas movies. One of the more recent all-time great Christmas films is Elf, the story of a human raised by elves who goes to New York City in

Bacon and Legs – A Christmas Story: Show me how the piggies eat

There is a dusting of snow on the ground in many cities across America. Many houses are decked out in bright, shiny Christmas decorations. Malls are overflowing with frantic holiday shoppers and excited parents looking to get their children's photos taken with Santa. But everyone knows that

Bacon and Legs – A very Hobo Hanukkah

It's safe to say that in our predominantly-Christian country, Hanukkah is often overshadowed by Christmas, if not lost in the shuffle completely. This year, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving overlapped, giving it one more holiday to compete with. So, in an effort to give Hanukkah a little more mainstream

Bacon and Legs – A Feast for The Doctor

The day nerdy Anglophiles have been waiting for is almost upon us ... "The Day of The Doctor." That's right, the much-anticipated 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who will air in America and in England this Saturday (and we will have an in-depth recap on Monday). No

Bacon and Legs – Thor: God of Hunger (am I right!?)

Battling fierce monsters across all nine realms is bound to create a fierce hunger. But fear not, Norse gods, Fontina Turner is here with a slew of Thor-themed recipes to battle your mighty hunger. Even if you aren't actually battling the frost giants or dark elves, and

Bacon and Legs – You’re On Fire: A Culinary Analysis

Most people would watch They Might Be Giants video for their new song "You're On Fire" and then go about their day. But Fontina Turner isn't most people. With a surgical precision that would impress Gil Grissom and his CSI crew, Turner has examined the video -

Bacon and Legs – Abby Normal’s Quiche L’Brain

Anyone can put on a store bought costume and hand out candy for Halloween, but it takes a talented pop culture food blogger like Fontina Turner to go that extra mile for the holiday. This week, she shares a recipe for Abby Normal's Quiche L’Brain, a recipe