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Bacon and Legs – Body shots … sort of

Research shows that most HoboTrashcan readers are eccentric billionaires looking for fun ways to blow their cash. So, as a public service to all of you rich gentlemen, this week Fontina Turner has found the perfect overpriced and bizarre item - liquor that was poured over the

Bacon and Legs – Ron Swanson’s Unexpected Pleasures

Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, played brilliantly by Nick Offerman, is a manly man who likes manly food. As we saw in "Flu Season," he's a man who will gleefully eat something called a "Meat Tornado." And, as we saw in "The Fight," he's a man

Bacon and Legs – Ommegang Take the Black stout

Bacon and Legs is all about pairing food and drinks with the best in pop culture. So it makes sense that Fontina Turner would be drawn to Ommegang Take the Black stout, a beer that was inspired by George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and

Bacon and Legs – Bob’s Burgers Daily Specials

Bacon and Legs and Bob's Burgers are a match made in heaven. Both Fontina Turner and Bob Belcher have an affinity for high quality, taste meals and for ridiculous food puns. Also, Turner has a huge crush on H. Jon Benjamin, who provides the voice of Bob.

Bacon and Legs – The Scarecrow and why he’ll make you cry

As part of the celebration for their 20th anniversary, Chipotle released a new app-based game called "The Scarecrow." Along with the game, they released a short intro video, featuring the Scarecrow character that was set to a cover of "Pure Imagination" performed by Fiona Apple. Reading about

Bacon and Legs – A Breakfast Club Breakfast

This week, Fontina Turner asks one of life's greatest questions: Why didn't we see the kids in The Breakfast Club eating breakfast? And, more importantly, she began to wonder what our five heroes would have eaten if we had seen them partaking in breakfast before heading off

Bacon and Legs – Oh, James

Her name is Turner, Fontina Turner. And here on Bacon and Legs, her mission is to bring you the tastiest pop culture-themed food and beverages imaginable. This week, instead of sharing one of her delicious original food recipes, Turner tell you how to make one of the