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Game of Thrones – “Oathkeeper”: A woman of her word

This episode of Game of Thrones seemed to hold within it a balance between intensity and intrigue. After last week’s emotional and publicly-criticized scene between Jamie and Cersei, I wasn’t sure what would happen next. Departures from the book are happening more often and with interesting results.

Game of Thrones – “Breaker of Chains”: Daario unchained

“Breaker of Chains” is the name of this episode, and from the very beginning we realize that because of Joffrey’s death, Sansa is free, Margery is free and everyone around him is free from his cruelty. Except Tyrion, of course, who does not gain freedom in the

Justified – “Restitution”: The shape of things to come

The cartel looks to put an end to Boyd Crowder while Raylan looks to put an end to Darryl Crowe (while somehow first clearing Kendal's name). Everything comes to a head on the final episode of season five. And the show gives us a sense of what

Justified – “Starvation”: Best laid plans

With only one more episode left this season, Justified gives us one of its most reliably entertaining pairings this week - Boyd and Raylan. Boyd, backed into a corner, decides to help the marshals catch Daryl in order to avoid the cartel and to get rid of

Justified – “The Toll”: Half of my half

It's been a bit of an uneven season for Justified, but this week the show places itself on a clear trajectory as we head toward the end of the season. A tragic shooting leaves the marshals scrambling to find out who was behind it and Boyd faces

Justified – “Weight”: Chelsea dagger

This week on Justified, Dewey Crowe finds himself in the power seat as he drives around Harlan in a tow truck full of heroin. Of course, all that's waiting for him is a suitcase full of fake cash and a world of pain if the Crowes find

Justified – “Wrong Roads”: The ghost of Raylan future

While all of the various storylines have been a bit splintered so far, all of the major players come face to face on this week's Justified. Roscoe and Jay track down Boyd Crowder as Raylan and a future version of himself track them. Boyd and Ava finally

Justified – “Whistle Past the Graveyard”: Who’s your daddy?

On this week's episode of Justified, Raylan is incredibly close to getting to take a relaxing vacation to Florida with Alison. But his plans are shattered when Wendy calls, pleading for help in getting Kendal back from his Uncle Jack. Meanwhile, Boyd, Daryl and the gang are