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Justified – “Raw Deal”: A pattern of misconduct

Boyd Crowder heads down to Mexico with his new friends to find his cousin Johnny and a truckload of heroin. Raylan goes toe-to-toe with a computer hacker who seems reminiscent of the character Timothy Olyphant played in Live Free or Die Hard. And Ava continues her prison

Justified – “Kill the Messenger”: Old time American hero

Last week's episode of Justified gave us an amazing showdown between Art and an enforcer played by Alan Tudyk. And it also gave us Raylan on the verge of confessing his sins to Art. The show follows that up this week with an episode centered around Raylan

Justified – “Shot All to Hell”: Cons, killers and lowlifes

This week, Justified delivers its best episode of the season, thanks to a fantastic cameo by the brilliant character actor Alan Tudyk and the wise decision by the writing staff to put Art out in the field. It's an episode filled with twists and turns, with every

Justified – “Over the Mountain”: Pine Barrens

This week the Crowes send Dewey off into the woods to take care of the problem that arose last week. Predictably, it goes horribly awry. Meanwhile, Raylan and Tim head to Harlan County to track down Wade Messer and Art investigates a new lead while Boyd deals

Justified – “Good Intentions”: Ding dong ditch

On this week's episode of Justified - "Good Intentions" - a mysterious man shows up with a baseball bat to threaten Raylan. Raylan's mistaken assumption about who the man is and why he is there leads to a series of unexpected events and revelations. Meanwhile, Daryl Crowe

Justified – “The Kids Aren’t All Right”: Raylan to the rescue

In last week's season premiere of Justified, we discovered that the dreaded Florida Crowes are headed to Harlan County to see their newly-wealthy cousin Dewey. However, the Crowes take a backseat this week as Raylan finds himself coming to the rescue of a familiar face, who has

Justified – “A Murder of Crowes”: All in the family

The popular FX show Justified returned last night for its fifth season. After devoting last year to the mystery of Drew Thompson, this season the show is branching out of Harlan to bring in new threats from Detroit and Florida. On the premiere episode, "A Murder of

Doctor Who – “The Time of the Doctor”: This is the end?

After three seasons, the 11th Doctor Matt Smith left Doctor Who during last night's Christmas special "The Time of the Doctor." Smith's Doctor finally found himself on Trenzalore, the planet he was philosophized to die on, while searching for the source of a mysterious signal beaming throughout