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Doctor Who – And the 12th Doctor is …

Back in June, Matt Smith announced he would be stepping down as the iconic Doctor on the long running BBC show Doctor Who. There has been much speculation about who would take over for Smith and become the 12th Doctor. That speculation was put to rest on

Breakdown – Spoiler-free thoughts on Orange Is the New Black

Netflix has followed up the well-received exclusive programming House of Cards and Arrested Development with a new series by Weeds creator Jenji Kohan entitled Orange Is the New Black. The series, based on a memoir by writer and former inmate Piper Kerman, tells the story of a

Doctor Who – Matt Smith announces he’s leaving

In case you missed it, the news broke on Saturday that Matt Smith will be stepping down as The Doctor at the end of this year. It was announced at the end of the season that Steven Moffat would return as showrunner for another season, so the

Doctor Who – “Hide”: What’s in my pocket?

When is a ghost story not really a ghost story? When it's part of an episode of Doctor Who. This week, The Doctor and Clara travel to 1974 to investigate the "Witch of the Well" inside Caliburn mansion. But it quickly becomes apparent that things are not

Doctor Who – “Cold War”: Hungry like the wolf

While trapped aboard a Russian submarine armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, The Doctor and Clara square off against a thawed out Ice Warrior in the aptly-named "Cold War" this week. It's a fairly standard "Monster of the Week" episode - with no hints at Clara's