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Justified – “Ghosts”: What makes a good man?

With the search for Drew Thompson over (and its sequel, the search for Ellen May, also wrapped up), the season finale of Justified finds Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder both trying to protect the women they love. And in doing so, the lines are blurred as to

One on One with Joelle Carter

Ava and Boyd's relationship on FX's Justified has become a very sweet, yet very twisted love story. Playing the wonderfully complex Ava Crowder is Joelle Carter, a talented model-turned-actor who uses her own experiences growing up in Georgia to relate to Ava's life in Harlan County, Kentucky.

Justified – “Peace of Mind”: Divine intervention

Even with the search for Drew Thompson officially over, in this week's penultimate episode of season four Raylan finds a way to put off his suspension for one more day by heading back to Harlan to find Ellen May. Much like the search for Drew, Raylan, Tim

Justified – “Decoy”: High school reunion

Now that Raylan Givens and his fellow marshals have Drew Thompson in custody, they have to find a way to get him out of Harlan without Theo Tonin's men intercepting them. Boyd finds himself in the middle of the action as he attempts to lead Tonin's men

Justified – “Get Drew”: No happy endings

Now that Drew Thompson's identity has been revealed, this week's episode of Justified saw everyone scrambling to get their hands on him as he attempted to head out of town the same way he came into it - on an airplane. Two characters are also faced with

Justified – “The Hatchet Tour”: The truth will set you free

On last night's Justified, Drew Thompson's identity was finally revealed. Joel Murphy has a recap of the night's events, including his thoughts on how the big reveal was handled. He also recaps the rest of the night's hijinks, which included Constable Bob finally getting to use his

Justified – “Outlaw”: The cat’s in the cradle

The search for Drew Thompson heats up this week on Justified. This week's episode, "Outlaw," sees the body count rising as Theo Tonin sends a hitman down to Harlan to clean things up. And Raylan struggles to cope with some upsetting news by pushing himself deeper into