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Justified – “Money Trap”: Best laid plans

This week on Justified, Ava and Boyd go to a high society sex party, Raylan crosses paths with a sexy, mysterious card player and an old threat resurfaces. Also, Art sends Raylan to the prison to try to negotiate with his father. All of that while the

Justified – “Foot Chase”: Buddy cops

In the aptly-named "Foot Chase," Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens finds himself trying to track down Josiah, whose severed foot was the only thing left behind at his house at the end of last week's episode. Raylan finds himself forced to team up with Sheriff Shelby, who

Justified – “Kin”: The hills have guys

This week on Justified, Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder both head for the hills looking for Drew Thompson while Boyd's man Colton tries to track down a loose end. The week was filled with some memorable cameos, including Patton Oswalt returning as Constable Bob, Stephen Tobolowski returning

Justified – “This Bird Has Flown”: A goodly sum

This week, “Mystery of the Panamanian Diplomatic Bag” is put on hold so that Raylan and Rachel can hunt down Lindsey and Randall. After taking off with Raylan's nest egg last week, the couple seek to start a new life of chicken fighting. Meanwhile, Ellen Mae looks

Justified – “Truth and Consequences”: Snakes on a face

Raylan continues to track down leads in the "Mystery of the Panamanian Diplomatic Bag," which brings him to the doorstep of certified spiritualist Eve Monro. Meanwhile, Boyd Crowder escalates his feud with Preacher Billy and the Last Chance Holiness Church by showing up bearing a rattlesnake. And

Justified – “Where’s Waldo?”: You can’t handle the Truths

"Where's Waldo?" the second episode of season four finds Raylan, Art and Tim tracking down a lead on the mysterious bag from Arlo's wall, Boyd Crowder squaring off against Preacher Billy and a man from Lindsey's past reentering her life. We have a complete breakdown of the

Justified – “Hole in the Wall”: Who’s Waldo?

Justified returned last night for season four. As the show opens, we find our hero Raylan Givens in a quiet, reflective place. But it doesn't take long for him to get back into the saddle and entangled in what is shaping up to be a season-long mystery

Doctor Who – “The Snowmen”: A Christmas miracle

After "the fall of the Ponds," Doctor Who returned from its hiatus on Christmas Day with its annual Christmas special. The episode opens with a much more brooding and dejected Doctor, who has given up the saving the world business in favor of sulking in the clouds.