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Justified – ‘Thick As Mud’: Kidney thieves

Justified: Season 3 “Thick As Mud” Aired: February 14, 2012 Writers: Elmore Leonard, Jon Worley, Benjamin Cavell “Have you been futzin’ around with men’s organs?” – Raylan Givens This week’s episode of Justified gave us a variety of strange moral codes. First there was Limehouse, who we

Justified – ‘The Devil You Know’: Who invited Dewey?

Justified: Season 3 “The Devil You Know” Aired: February 7, 2012 Writer: Taylor Elmore “What kind of man am I if I don’t stand by my friends?” – Dewey Crowe This week’s episode was all about loyalty. Dewey Crowe may be a criminal, a White Supremacist and

Justified – What a tangled web we weave

Justified: Season 3 “Cut Ties” Aired: January 24, 2012 Writer: Graham Yost “When a person spends enough time lying for a living, it gets to the point where you realize the only thing he doesn’t mean is what he’s actually saying.” – Winona Hawkins After last week’s

Boob Tube Breakdown – Justified: Everybody wants to rule the world

Justified: Season 3 “The Gunfighter” Aired: January 17, 2012 Writer: Graham Yost “You ready to get back into action?” – Winona Hawkins Justified is the story of a modern day gunslinger. Raylan Given walks around in a Stetson with an itchy trigger finger looking to bring bad

Boob Tube Breakdown – Fall TV Preview 2011

Joel Murphy I love September. People stop asking me to go do things out in nature, which saves my pasty Irish skin from the harsh rays of the sun and allows me to sit inside with my one true love, the old boob tube. Since most of

Boob Tube Breakdown – Wilfred preview

“The world sees a dog. He sees Wilfred.” That’s the tagline for Wilfred, the new sitcom debuting on FX tonight at 10 pm. As tonight’s premiere begins, we are introduced to Ryan (Elijah Wood), a depressed, unemployed lawyer who is hard at work on the third draft

Boob Tube Breakdown – Doctor Who: Off with their heads

Doctor Who: Series 6 “A Good Man Goes to War” Aired: June 11, 2011 Writer: Steven Moffat Director: Peter Hoar “This is the day he finds out who I am.” – River Song Steven Moffat has an incredibly gift for making episodes of Doctor Who feel epic.

Boob Tube Breakdown – Doctor Who: There can be only one

Doctor Who: Series 6 “The Almost People” Aired: June 4, 2011 Writer: Matthew Graham Director: Julian Simpson “You haven’t been here for a long, long time.” – The Doctor Well, that was quite an impressive bit of misdirection. Up until the end of this week’s episode, I

Boob Tube Breakdown – Doctor Who: I’m beside myself

Doctor Who: Series 6 “The Rebel Flesh” Aired: May 21, 2011 Writer: Matthew Graham Director: Julian Simpson “I thought I was going to die.” – Jennifer “Welcome to my world.” – Rory I feel like this week’s episode was something a Hollywood pitchman would come up with