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Justified – “Promise”: My compliments on your grit

“We dug coal together.” – Raylan Givens In Elmore Leonard’s short story “Fire in the Hole,” Raylan Givens kills Boyd Crowder in Ava’s kitchen. In the pilot of Justified, which closely follows “Fire in the Hole,” Raylan doesn’t go for a kill shot. Instead, he hits Boyd

Game of Thrones – “The Wars to Come”: Going off book

Before jumping into tonight’s episode recap, I’d like to take a moment to address a recent internet topic regarding the future of Game of Thrones (other than the leak of episodes). The big reveal that the content of the show will surpass the books and end before

Justified – “Collateral”: Boyd Crowder must die

“Well hell, Raylan, then I have already won.” – Boyd Crowder All season Art, Boyd and countless other characters have been warning Raylan Givens about the pitfalls of seeking revenge. In a previous episode, Boyd went so far as to compare Raylan’s quest to take him down

Justified – “Trust”: So smart he’s stupid

“Give me one reason I should believe anything you say.” – Avery Markham I did not see that coming. Of course, neither did Raylan or Boyd. So much of this episode was a cat-and-mouse game between the two of them, each one predicting the other’s moves and

Justified – “Burned”: Everything falls apart

“One thing didn’t occur to me: dipshit’s not capable of pulling it off.” – Raylan Givens So after all that time and energy devoted to Boyd finding a way into Avery’s vault, he makes his move and fails to get inside. This episode had a lot of

Justified – “Dark As a Dungeon”: Strange bedfellows

“I just can’t imagine you’re part of the solution.” – Avery Markham This week gives us two team ups we didn’t expect to see – Ty Walker working with Boyd and Raylan working with Avery Markham. Of course, both partnerships are short-lived. Particularly the Boyd-Ty partnership, which

Justified – “The Hunt”: Take your daughter to work day

“I’m not going anywhere.” – Raylan Givens Surprisingly, this episode was all about two (possibly dysfunctional) relationships. Both Raylan and Boyd have moments of truth with the women they love (albeit in two dramatically different circumstances). Winona comes to town with Raylan’s baby girl and while the

Justified – “Alive Day”: Unknown unknown

“Wonderful things can happen when you sow seeds of distrust in a garden of assholes.” – Raylan Givens Well, last week I complained that it felt like they were simply spinning their wheels, but they certainly made up for that this week. We see Avery Markham’s team