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Justified – “Sounding”: Cherchez la femme

“WitSec? Live some fake life some place I hate?” – Ava Crowder This episode felt a bit like a sitcom episode in that a lot of crazy things happened, but in the end everything was reset to where we started. That’s not to say it was a

Justified – “The Trash and the Snake”: Heading back to Harlan

“What’s next is entirely based on the next choice you make.” – Raylan Givens Raylan Givens just can’t help himself. In this final season, he’s tasked with bringing down Boyd Crowder. But in investigating Boyd, Raylan discovers Avery Markham, who is buying up houses in Harlan because

Justified – “Noblesse Oblige”: The man of my dreams

“You understand me, Earl? I’m going to shoot your dick off.” – Raylan Givens This whole season – and really, the series as a whole – boils down to Raylan vs. Boyd. Two people with a shared past who find themselves on opposite sides, but deep down

Justified – “Cash game”: Folks call me Choo-choo

“If cutting off fingers were enough, Grady would still be alive, wouldn’t he?” – Avery Markham Things are not looking good for Boyd Crowder. Only two episodes into the season and he’s found himself in every major character’s crosshairs. His own partners are skeptical he didn’t find

Justified – “Fate’s Right Hand”: Hard, bitter times

“Harlan is dying.” – Boyd Crowder It’s become a Justified staple to end each season with a montage featuring the song “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive.” As we head into this final stretch of episodes, tonight we see this theme play out as we are bombarded with

Doctor Who – “Death in Heaven”: B-A-N-A-N-A-S

“I wasn’t very good at it, but I did love you.” – Clara Oswald I had mixed feeling on the finale. On the bright side, I loved that Missy’s plan was essentially to corrupt the Doctor into becoming her. It’s easy to make the two enemies, but

Doctor Who – “Dark Water”: The master plan

Well now, I certainly didn’t expect that. With all of the little vignettes featuring Missy throughout the season, I never guessed that she would turn out to be the Master. That was a nice little twist, especially since the Master has been a character Steven Moffat hasn’t