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Doctor Who – “Listen”: The deep and lovely dark

“Fear is a superpower.” – Clara I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical this episode would come together. About halfway through, when the futuristic spaceman Danny Pink doppleganger showed up in the restaurant, only to turn out to be Danny (and presumably Clara)’s great

Doctor Who – “Robot of Sherwood”: Impossible heroes

“I’m not a hero.” – The Doctor Am I the only one who thought this felt like Doctor Who fan fiction? Or, at the very least, a bizarre team up that belonged in the Doctor Who comics, but not in the actual series. That’s not to say

Doctor Who – “Into the Dalek”: Doctor Who-little

“Am I a good man?” – The Doctor It was only a matter of time until the Daleks resurfaced again. And, being a Steven Moffat episode, it was also only a matter of time until we once again questioned whether or not the Doctor is a good

Doctor Who – “Deep Breath”: Vanity trap

“You probably can’t even remember where you got that face from.” – The Doctor The central question of this week’s episode is: who is the new Doctor? Fans at home are wondering how the older, more reserved Peter Capaldi will be replacing Matt Smith. Clara is wondering

Hanging Around … Doctor Who: The World Tour

As part of their seven city, five continent world tour to promote the new season, Doctor Who stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman visited New York last Thursday and we were there to cover the action.

The Leftovers – “Cairo”: A method to the madness

Well, it seems that this show is finally building toward something. Though I hoped that was the case all along, I’m glad to know that this season’s arc is about to reach its climatic reveal. It was hinted at last week with Garvey Sr. and his urgent

The Leftovers – “Solace for Tired Feet”: Wake up

“Now I honor the mystery of his loss by repeating the suffering and embracing the Great Darkness.” These words are part of the invocation that Jill reads prior to climbing into the old refrigerator to beat a record on a reckless whim. I wanted to start the

The Leftovers – “Guest”: Do you want to feel this way?

So, by this point I feel like most viewers know whether or not they are going to see this season through its 10 episodes. The Leftovers is not an easy viewing experience. The show can actually be unsettling and purposefully uncomfortable, and yet I find myself drawn