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One on One with Malcolm McDowell

After 40 years in the business and more than 100 films under his belt, to say that Malcolm McDowell has had a long and successful career would be an understatement. The charismatic star of classic films like A Clockwork Orange and Caligula now finds himself doing voiceover

One on One with Santana Moss

While wide receiver Santana Moss will never be confused for one of the biggest guys on the football field, there’s no doubting the impact he has during a game. When the Washington Redskins need a play late in the fourth quarter, history shows they get the ball

One on One with Kaitlin Olson

It’s true that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but things aren’t always so great for Sweet Dee, who has been set on fire, dissed by a mentally-challenged rapper and nicknamed “The Aluminum Monster” in high school thanks to a back brace she wore for her severe scoliosis.

One on One with Neal Jones

While many actors seek fame and recognition, Neal Jones would be pleased if you never realized he was on your TV screen. The journeyman character actor enjoys creating unique characters and blending seamlessly into films and TV shows without having the audience realize that it’s him playing

One on One with Cedric Yarbrough

Making it in show business can be extremely difficult, especially when you spend your days standing across from a mustachioed cop in booty shorts who has a crush on you. But Cedric Yarbrough loves his role as Deputy S. Jones on Comedy Central’s Reno 911, perhaps because

One on One with Kenneth Johnson

It’s not every day that a celebrity is willing to go on the record and say he could crush Sylvester Stallone. Anyone willing to step up and make that kind of bold statement is our kind of guy. So when Kenneth Johnson, of The Shield and Saving

One on One with David Zayas

Not everyone gets to Hollywood the same way. After spending time in the Air Force and while still working with the New York City Police Department, David Zayas began his acting career when he signed up for acting classes after hours. His talent was quickly realized, and

One on One with Enrico Colantoni

While most actors dream of overnight success, Enrico Colantoni took 10 years to hone his craft before trying to become a star. The hard work paid off. Colantoni made a name for himself with starring roles in Just Shoot Me and Veronica Mars. Now, the Canadian actor

One on One with Mike Nelson

Michael J. Nelson spent five years standing next to puppets and making fun of cheesy movies on the beloved cult hit Mystery Science Theater 3000. Since the show ended in 2000, Nelson has continued screaming back at the culture with his three books (Mike Nelson’s Movie Megacheese,