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Hobo Radio Interview – Jacq the Stripper, Part II

Joel Murphy checks back in with Jacq the Stripper to talk about the process of writing the book, what she's discovered about her own personal limits and why Baltimore is the forgotten stepchild of the East Coast.

One on One with Keith David

In his new film Boiling Pot, Keith David plays Agent Long, an investigator looking to get to the bottom of a horrific, racially-motivated crime. We recently talked to David about racism in America, the fact that he's always working and the chances of getting a Community movie.

One on One with Greg Pak

We briefly caught up with writer Greg Pak at Baltimore Comic-Con to talk about meeting his fans and how he balances passion projects with his corporate work.

One on One with Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland

We talked to Justin Roiland last year about season one of Rick and Morty, so with season two rapidly approaching, we caught back up with him and Dan Harmon to talk new character combinations, the trouble with clearing DMX songs and the unique experience of attending Comic-Con.

Hobo Radio Interview – Jacq the Stripper

As the name would imply, the blonde bombshell Jacqueline is, indeed, a stripper. She is also a writer and a comedian who takes her experiences working in clubs across America and turns them into funny and engaging stories. Joel Murphy talks to Jacq the Stripper about how

Hobo Radio Interview – Hall of Fame WWE Announcer Jim Ross

The Hall of Fame announcer joins the show this week to talk about his life as a ring announcer, his post-WWE career (including the "Ringside: An Evening With Jim Ross" live show that is coming to Baltimore May 16) and the chances he'd ever go back to