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One on One with Lucky Yates

Dr. Algernop Krieger, the one-man R&D department for ISIS on the FX show Archer, is by far the most lovable mad scientist Hitler clone on television. Actor, improviser and puppeteer Matt "Lucky" Yates voices Krieger on the show. And while he doesn't share his on-screen counterpart's interests

One on One with Billy West, Pt. I

To say Billy West has had an eclectic career would be an understatement. From playing in rock bands to being a noted radio personality to doing voice work for Space Jam, Ren and Stimpy and Futurama, West has made a living off of his impressive pipes. We

Hanging Around … Archer Live!

For the final stop of their four-city tour, the cast of FX's Archer made their way to Irving Plaza in New York City. The live show featured readings of episodes from the cast members, plenty of teasers from the upcoming fourth season (including hints at their plans

One on One with Caroline Skinner

Since its relaunch in 2005, Doctor Who has grown increasingly ambitious. With Steven Moffat at the helm, episodes have felt like mini-movies, with a grand scale, dazzling special effects and a variety of beautiful locales. In the last two seasons, the show has even made its way

One on One with Karen Gillan

Amelia Pond is the girl who waited for years for her "imaginary" friend The Doctor to return. After finally being reunited with him and going on a series of wild adventures and squaring off against Weeping Angels, Daleks and The Silence, it's time for Amy to say

One on One with Matt Smith

He’s faced Daleks, Cybermen and the Silence, but this season The Doctor will face one of his greatest challenges - saying goodbye to Amy and Rory. The eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, described the five-episode arc beginning this Saturday as “the fall of the Ponds.” We caught up

One on One with John K

For years, John Kricfalusi fought the “factory system” in animation. From his time at Filmation Associates and DiC Entertainment to his work on the revolutionary Mighty Mouse remake and the creation of his own hit show Ren and Stimpy for Nickelodeon, John K has looked for a

One on One with Margo Martindale

Of all the villains that Stetson-sporting U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens has squared off against on Justified, none have been as fascinating, brilliant or unnerving as Mags Bennett. Margo Martindale came into the show in season two and, like a true force of nature, completely dominated the series,

One on One with India Wadsworth

Imagine landing a part in The Dark Knight Rises, a surefire summer blockbuster. Now imagine that your part in the film is so secretive that even you aren't sure who you are playing. That was the case for British model-turned-actor India Wadsworth, who plays The Warlord's Daughter.

One on One with Raymond J. Barry

Saying Raylan Givens has daddy issues is a vast understatement. Raylan’s father is a criminal who works with the man Raylan is trying to apprehend, Boyd Crowder. Season three's finale made it abundantly clear that Arlo Givens has chosen Boyd over Raylan. Arlo now views Boyd as