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One on One with Matt Smith

He’s faced Daleks, Cybermen and the Silence, but this season The Doctor will face one of his greatest challenges - saying goodbye to Amy and Rory. The eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, described the five-episode arc beginning this Saturday as “the fall of the Ponds.” We caught up

One on One with John K

For years, John Kricfalusi fought the “factory system” in animation. From his time at Filmation Associates and DiC Entertainment to his work on the revolutionary Mighty Mouse remake and the creation of his own hit show Ren and Stimpy for Nickelodeon, John K has looked for a

One on One with Margo Martindale

Of all the villains that Stetson-sporting U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens has squared off against on Justified, none have been as fascinating, brilliant or unnerving as Mags Bennett. Margo Martindale came into the show in season two and, like a true force of nature, completely dominated the series,

One on One with India Wadsworth

Imagine landing a part in The Dark Knight Rises, a surefire summer blockbuster. Now imagine that your part in the film is so secretive that even you aren't sure who you are playing. That was the case for British model-turned-actor India Wadsworth, who plays The Warlord's Daughter.

One on One with Raymond J. Barry

Saying Raylan Givens has daddy issues is a vast understatement. Raylan’s father is a criminal who works with the man Raylan is trying to apprehend, Boyd Crowder. Season three's finale made it abundantly clear that Arlo Givens has chosen Boyd over Raylan. Arlo now views Boyd as

One on One with Alison Brie

Anyone who has seen her play Annie Edison on Community knows Alison Brie can do comedy. Anyone who has seen her play Trudy Campbell on Mad Men knows she can also do drama. But this past Saturday at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City, those in

One on One with Jason Isaacs

From playing one of Voldemort's underlings to a soldier on the wrong side of the Revolutionary War, Jason Isaacs is no stranger to no-win situations. But perhaps no character he's played has been trapped in such a tragic circumstance as Awake's Michael Britten, a homicide detective living

One on One with Allie Haze

Allie Haze showed up to her audition with her hair already in Carrie Fisher’s trademark buns to ensure she snagged the part of Princess Leia in Vivid’s Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody. It’s no surprise that she not only landed the part, but a featured contract

One on One with Amber Nash

Even spies have to deal with the Human Resource Department. On Archer, the ISIS crew is stuck dealing with Pam Poovey, a rotund, dolphin puppet-wielding gossip. Luckily, while Pam herself isn’t much fun to be around, Amber Nash, who voices the outlandish character, couldn’t be nicer and

One on One with Aisha Tyler

When looking to cast the intelligent and sexy superspy Lana Kane on the brilliant FX comedy Archer, Aisha Tyler seems like such an obvious choice. She graduated from Darthmouth College and was on the fast track to becoming a lawyer when she decided to pursue a career