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One on One with Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes is a New York girl at heart, but her role as Carla Espinosa on the hit comedy Scrubs forced her to relocate from New York City to LA. Luckily, Espinosa was given a chance to reconnect with her Bronx roots while starring in the independent

One on One with Lauren Stamile

It’s not easy being a home wrecker. Luckily, Lauren Stamile, who has been the wedge between McDreamy and Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy and Jeff and Britta on Community, is so charming and lovable that it’s impossible to stay mad at her for keeping these great television couples

One on One with Laura Harring

Laura Harring does not fit into a neat little box. Best known for her lead role in Mulholland Drive, the charming actress is also a globetrotting former Miss USA and Countess von Bismarck. With such varied and rich life experience, it’s no wonder she possesses an eclectic

One on One with Alan Dale

Based on the characters he plays on TV, you might think Alan Dale is an intimidating jerk. It turns out that that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The New Zealand actor best known in America for his roles on The O.C., 24, Ugly Betty and Lost

One on One with Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino is such a big deal in Hollywood these days that people who see him on the street just want to walk up and touch him … then again, that could be because his god-like character Jacob on Lost can grant immortality to anyone he lays

One on One with François Chau

It’s safe to say that anyone subjected to boring orientation videos on the first day of a new job has undoubtedly wished they were watching something half as interesting as the Dharma initiative videos featuring Dr. Pierre Chang. That’s because pockets of energy and time-traveling bunnies beat

One on One with Kevin Conroy

Most kids secretly dream of being Batman, so its ironic that the man who played the Dark Knight for the past 18 years grew up having no clue who Batman was. Still, it seems like a role Kevin Conroy was destined to play. Like Bruce Wayne, Conroy’s

One on One with Kelly Stables

If you were placing bets on how the warm and bubbly Kelly Stables would get her big break in Hollywood, chances are you wouldn’t have guessed “playing a creepy little girl who attacks Naomi Watts in a bathtub.” But thanks to legendary makeup artist Rick Baker, who

One on One with Lisa Lackey

In a world of superheroes, it’s tough to be an average citizen stuck at home caring for your superbaby, especially when your mind reading husband is still harboring resentment over the fact that you slept with his partner. All that aside, Janice Parkman does her best to

One on One with David Ramsey

You know you're a smooth operator when you serenade a cop with a song calling her a “white skinny bitch” and instead of roughing you up and hauling you off to jail, she actually falls in love with you. But that’s just how Anton Briggs, the guitar-playing,