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One on One with Carrie Preston

On True Blood, Arlene Fowler is unlucky in love. The mother of two has been married four times and found out last season that her fiancée Rene Lenier was not the man she thought he was. Fortunately for Carrie Preston, who plays Arlene on HBO’s hit show,

One on One with David H. Lawrence, XVII

After tormenting Claire Bennet, along with her biological and adopted mothers last season on Heroes, it was quite a surprise to see Eric Doyle reemerge and ask Claire for help. Even more surprising was the fact that Claire did indeed help him. But then again, maybe we

One on One with James Morrison

You can’t stop Jack Bauer, you can only hope to contain him. Dennis Hopper couldn’t kill him, the Chinese government couldn’t keep him imprisoned and even Congress seems unable to force him to testify about his previous transgressions. However, there is one man who Jack Bauer answers

One on One with Michael Emerson

From the moment he first arrived on screen claiming to be an innocent balloonist marooned on the island, Benjamin Linus has been an unstoppable force on Lost. While normally depicted as a cold and calculating villain, it now seems that Linus is the only character who can

One on One with John DiMaggio

He's brought life to a beer swilling, cigar chomping robot and twice saved the world from a horde of underground locusts, but now John DiMaggio faces what is perhaps his most difficult challenge - making Aquaman cool. DiMaggio is known for his role as Bender the robot

One on One with Diedrich Bader

Christian Bale’s brooding, growling Dark Knight set box office records this summer and Kevin Conroy’s voice work as Batman is beloved by animation fans, but tonight a new man dons the cape and cowl – Diedrich Bader. Bader, known for his work on The Drew Carey Show,

One on One with Buzz Burbank

The economy is in dire straights, the war in Iraq seems endless and American cities continue to get hit by natural disasters. Let’s face it, the news isn’t very easy to digest these days. That’s why it helps to have a broadcaster who can offer you a

One on One with John Michael Higgins

You may know John Michael Higgins from his comedic roles, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t serious about acting. From his first love, the theatre, to his breakout role as David Letterman in The Late Shift and his memorable roles in Christopher Guest’s films, Higgins is a

One on One with Malcolm McDowell

After 40 years in the business and more than 100 films under his belt, to say that Malcolm McDowell has had a long and successful career would be an understatement. The charismatic star of classic films like A Clockwork Orange and Caligula now finds himself doing voiceover

One on One with Santana Moss

While wide receiver Santana Moss will never be confused for one of the biggest guys on the football field, there’s no doubting the impact he has during a game. When the Washington Redskins need a play late in the fourth quarter, history shows they get the ball