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From the Vault – One on One with Neal Jones

While many actors seek fame and recognition, Neal Jones would be pleased if you never realized he was on your TV screen. The journeyman character actor enjoys creating unique characters and blending seamlessly into films and TV shows without having the audience realize that it’s him playing

From the Vault – One on One with Michael K. Williams

When HoboTrashcan launched on August 23, 2005, it featured an interview with Michael K. Williams (Omar on the best show on television, The Wire). It helped put this site on the map and through the years it has continued to be one of our most popular interviews.

From the Vault – One on One with Mike Patton

If you only know Mike Patton from the influential alt rock band Faith No More, or even from his days in Mr. Bungle, then you don’t really know Mike Patton. Since seeing Faith No More disband in 1998, Patton has had an eclectic career with a number

From the Vault – One on One with Jonah Hill

All it took was one small scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin to become a fan of Jonah Hill for life. In 2006, we interviewed him before the release of the film Accepted. Since then, he’s become an even bigger star due to a great roles

From the Vault – Hanging Around … San Diego Comic-Con 2008

The San Diego Comic-Con is an annual comic convention that in recent years has ballooned into a multi-genre celebration of nerd culture. Major studios use the Con to promote their movies and TV shows. Big name celebrities participate in panel discussions, fielding questions from rabid fans. It

From the Vault – One on One with Kenneth Johnson

It’s not every day that a celebrity is willing to go on the record and say he could crush Sylvester Stallone. Anyone willing to step up and make that kind of bold statement is our kind of guy. So when Kenneth Johnson, of The Shield and Saving

From the Vault – One on One with Bruce Campbell

In 1979, Detroit friends Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell raised $350,000 for their low-budget film, Evil Dead and the rest is history. Raimi, the director of the film, has gone on to direct all three blockbuster Spider-man films and Campbell, the star of Evil Dead,

From the Vault – One on One with Enrico Colantoni

While most actors dream of overnight success, Enrico Colantoni took 10 years to hone his craft before trying to become a star. The hard work paid off. Colantoni made a name for himself with starring roles in Just Shoot Me and Veronica Mars. Last year, the Canadian