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From the Vault – One on One with H. Jon Benjamin

Even if you don't recognize his face, chances are you are familiar with H. Jon Benjamin's smooth baritone voice. From Home Movies to Archer to Bob's Burgers, Benjamin has lent his memorable pipes to a variety of colorful characters on quirky animated shows. Last year, we caught

From the Vault – One on One with Alan Dale

In 2010, we had to opportunity to sit down with Alan Dale and pleasantly chat about the final season of Lost, his tragic history of on-screen heart attacks and his sweet 1970s afro.

From the Vault – One on One with Amber Nash

Even spies have to deal with the Human Resource Department. On Archer, the ISIS crew is stuck dealing with Pam Poovey, a rotund, dolphin puppet-wielding gossip. Luckily, while Pam herself isn't much fun to be around, Amber Nash, who voices the outlandish character, couldn't be nicer and

From the Vault – Murphy’s Law – Taking back Thanksgiving

Joel Murphy certainly isn't the first person to point out that Thanksgiving is getting increasingly overshadowed by Christmas. However, he might be the first person to actually have a plan to do something about it. Murphy thinks it's time to take back Thanksgiving. And he's ready to