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Hobo Radio 414 – Pube Detectives

Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle embrace the current trend in podcasting. They become amateur investigators looking into a case that no one else has been able to solve - the mystery of which A-list celebrity Alia Shawkat had weird sex with.

Hobo Radio 413 – Things that appear to be flannel-like patterned

Joel and Lars talk about the annual tradition of half of America loving all pumpkin-spiced things while the other half hates those people. They also discuss a coffee drink that gives you boners, creepy clowns and the tired trope that all nerds are overweight, male losers living

Hobo Radio 411 – Busting Mythbusters

Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle debut a new segment: "The ocean is terrifying." Lars also tells a hilarious story involving a scandalous photo and the boys bust Mythbusters.

Hobo Radio 409 – You’ll never find a husband (ft. Nikki Black)

Joel Murphy and Molly Regan talk to comedian Nikki Black about being thrust into the spotlight, rape culture in comedy and her battle with cancer. It's a heartfelt discussion about the struggles women face in the comedy community and the art of finding comedy in tragedy.

Hobo Radio 408 – Mutton Puncher

As promised last week, Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle discuss Jared Leto's unique brand of "method acting," which involved sending his Suicide Squad costars used condoms and dead rats. And they try to figure out what's worse - Jared Leto or Ledo pizza.