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Hobo Radio 162 – Everybody hates Lars

Introduction The weather The Golden Globes suck Celebrity divorces Ned Bitters and Aaron Davis hate Lars “I’d Rather Be Naughty” by A Don’t Hug Me Christmas Carol [display_podcast] After reading the columns on HoboTrashcan this week, Lars can’t help but wonder if they weren’t meant as personal

Hobo Radio 161 – More fun than a Viking funeral

Introduction Terriers and shortsighted network execs Leslie Nielsen’s funeral Sylvester Stallone, Hall of Fame boxer Hood Robert Duvall and Stanley Kubrick “It’s Christmas Time” by A Band Called Quinn [display_podcast] To celebrate Leslie Nieslen’s life, his family and closest friends got together for a small funeral service

Hobo Radio 160 – Adult film star Bree Olson

In the first half of this week's show, Joel Murphy is joined by Bree Olson, adult film star. Olson, known for her engaging personality and unflinching honesty, opens up about how she got into the business and gives insight into the inner workings of a porn set.

Hobo Radio 159 – The classiest Thanksgiving show on the Internet

Introduction Thanksgiving/turkey balls Nude karaoke Horror movies “Thank God Thanksgiving Only Comes Once A Year” by Steve Goodie & FuMP [display_podcast] Thanksgiving is a time to put on nice clothes, break out the fine china and have an elaborate, fancy dinner with your loved ones. In short,

Hobo Radio 158 – Harry Potter and the Really Awesome Swear Word

Introduction Four Loko update Harry Potter Movie trailers Natalie Portman “Love Bites” by Will Tang [display_podcast] Starting tonight at midnight, Harry Potter fans around the United States will flock to their local movie theaters to see the seventh installment in the popular series. This week Joel Murphy

Hobo Radio 157 – Just leave me alone

Introduction Banning Four Lokos Cigarette labels 10 Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood Man vs. Man vs. Food “Lisa Baby” by Walk the Moon [display_podcast] Joel Murphy and Lars have a clear vision of what personal freedoms should be granted to American citizens. Their policy is simple –

Hobo Radio 156 – ‘Wing Girl’ Marni Kinrys

After growing tired of watching her male friends strike out with women, Marni Kinrys decided to devote her life to teaching men how to be better at dating. She dubbed herself a "wing girl" and now offers one-on-one counseling sessions, instructional DVDs and a free newsletter to

Hobo Radio 155 – Put down the Snooki costume

Introduction Halloween memories The power of flannel Costumes to avoid Russian bears Bad jokes The third Batman film has a name “Halloween” by The Coffinshakers [display_podcast] With Halloween only days away, Joel Murphy and Lars offer up a special Halloween-themed Hobo Radio podcast, complete with a scary

Hobo Radio 154 – It’s pronounced Rum Runner

Introduction Shout out to Patrick Girts San Francisco Rum Runners The Rocky Horror Picture Show More bad movies The NFL’s no contact policy “Creepy Doll” by Jonathan Coulton [display_podcast] We all know that Lars has a knack for the inappropriate, but what you may not realize is

Hobo Radio 153 – Whatever happened to Jeeves?

Introduction Creepy dolls, reader comments and what could have been Bringing back the dong Google’s self-driving cars Who almost played Yoda Over 40 Top Five “Back to the Future” by Futuristic Sex Robotz [display_podcast] Before Google became the king of all search engines, there was a humble