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Hobo Radio 146 – Ben Stiller is getting Ratnered

Introduction HoboTrashcan’s anniversary Ratner and Stiller Pee Wee Herman Lars and Joel Time “Morgan Freeman’s Selected Filmography” by Yellow Ostrich [display_podcast] When you think of great actor/director combos in Hollywood today, you might think of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese or Tom

Hobo Radio 145 – Lars finally peaks

Introduction An awful week at the movies Jennifer Lopez’s assistant Nicole Kidman’s elevator Lars peaks Virus-ridden celebrities Lars and Joel Time “Blast Off” by The Erotics [display_podcast] It’s not easy being Lars. For years, he has toiled away in mediocrity, overlooked and ignored by the world at

Hobo Radio 144 – This cookie tastes funny

Introduction A John Belushi biopic Rhys Darby is the new Michael Scott Smell-enhanced augmented reality Lars and Joel Time “I Will Burn” by Chris Miller [display_podcast] A research team in Tokyo has created a way to change the taste of a cookie using virtual reality technology. While

Hobo Radio 143 – A little less conversation, a little more action

Introduction Montana Fishburne, porn star Little Fockers Lars and Joel Time “Monkey Cage” by Freeky Cleen [display_podcast] Lawrence Fishburne may be upset right now that his attractive 18-year-old daughter has decided to release a sex tape, but Montana Fishburne is confident that eventually her father “will view

Hobo Radio 142 – Oliver Stone sucks at life

Introduction Oliver Stone is lovely 10 Most Confusing Movies Lars and Joel Time “Big Bad Wolf” by Demolition [display_podcast] Oliver Stone, who is working on a film that will supposedly allow viewers to “walk in Stalin’s shoes and Hitler’s shoes to understand their point of view,” recently

Hobo Radio 141 – It’s French for “The Bruce”

Introduction Giving blood L.A. Zombie Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan Contractually-obligated Fun Time “Skullcrusher Mountain” by Jonathan Coulton [display_podcast] It’s not every day that you see a “video art zombie film” about a man convinced he is an alien zombie roaming the streets of L.A. on the

Hobo Radio 140 – Jodie Foster’s Beaver

Introduction The FCC Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Contractually-obligated Fun Time “An I Hate You Song” by Deleveled [display_podcast] It’s been a big week for free speech. First, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals declared that the FCC’s indecency rule, which was put

Hobo Radio 139 – Now with more twang

Introduction Lost‘s Emmy nods M. Night Shyamalan Kirkman’s Top Five Worst Films Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “If I Had A Girl” by Hot Fiction [display_podcast] Lars is M.I.A., so Joel Murphy is joined by Chris Kirkman, who does his best to class up the joint this week. The

Hobo Radio 138 – Cue the fireworks

Introduction The National Anthem performed by Theresa Gaddy America’s birthday A “movie-enhancing” cell phone ap Scott Pilgrim vs. the advertisers Wonder Woman’s new costume Contractually-obligated Batman discussion Highlights from Hobo Radio 5 – Strippin’ ain’t easy [display_podcast] This Sunday night, most Americas will head outside to watch

Hobo Radio 137 – Our Jerry Maguire best

Introduction Grats Knight and Day advertising Timothy Olyphant SyFy Original Movies D.C. Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Agile, Mobile and Hostile” by The Goldstars [display_podcast] The ads for the new film Knight and Day claim that Tom Cruise is at his “Jerry Maguire best” in the film. Joel Murphy