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Hobo Radio 136 – The end of the world as we know it

Introduction Touchdown Jesus Perez Hilton, pedophile Qdoba and overly-friendly employees Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Midsummers Night” by Jillian LaDage [display_podcast] Whether you are religious or not, it’s hard not to wonder if a 30-foot tall Jesus statue getting struck by lightning and bursting into flames is a not-so-subtle

Hobo Radio 135 – Everybody hates Ratner

Introduction Odds and ends A Les Grossman movie Snow White gets Ratnered Nicolas Sarkozy Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Hello Bicycle” by The Volume Brothers [display_podcast] You can argue over whether or not greenlighting a movie starring Tom Cruise as Les Grossman is a good idea. You can argue

Hobo Radio 134 – Where’s my sexy voice?

Introduction Remembering Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper and Rue McClanahan The state of sitcoms James Cameron saves BP Top 100 characters of the past 20 years Donald Glover as Spider-man Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Happy Ending” by The Atomic Love Bombs [display_podcast] Most people, when they are under the

Hobo Radio 133 – Saying goodbye to Lost

Introduction Lost Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “The End or Near” by All India Radio [display_podcast] Week 133 Spotlight: Saying goodbye to Lost Lost may be over, but it leaves behind quite a legacy. The iconic show, which demanded a lot from its viewers, proved a complex serialized drama

Hobo Radio 132 – And now for something completely different …

Introduction Guess the made up celebrity story The original Empire Strikes Back script Shia LeBeouf apologizes Chris Kirkman’s Lost finale plans Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Always and Forever” by Black Velvet Elvis [display_podcast] Week 132 Spotlight: And now for something completely different … Worried that their old podcast

Hobo Radio 131 – In which we mock the MTV Movie Awards …

Introduction Baltimore’s motto Tyra Banks, author The MTV Movie Award nominees Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Lost Souls” by Mr. 427 [display_podcast] Week 131 Spotlight: In which we mock the MTV Movie Awards … This week MTV stopped showing crappy reality shows long enough to release this year’s nominees

Hobo Radio 130 – A team of expendable losers

Introduction The A-Team/The Expendables/The Losers Die Hard, Anchorman and Zoolander sequels Lindsay Lohan Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Ramble On” by Benjamin McCarthy [display_podcast] Week 130 Spotlight: A team of expendable losers Hollywood’s lack of original ideas is something Joel Murphy and Lars have discussed at length before, but

Hobo Radio 129 – Know how I know you’re gay?

Introduction Tyler Perry’s Rear Window Brunch The Boy Scouts officially give up Sex tapes and nudity Joel’s man-date Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton [display_podcast] Week 129 Spotlight: Know how I know you’re gay? If you thought Joel Murphy’s life couldn’t get any more

Hobo Radio 128 – Hitler, zombies and jorts

Introduction Hitler videos Craigslist and group sex I ain’t afraid of no ghosts Joss Whedon and The Avengers Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Til This Goes Away” by Kelly Harper [display_podcast] Week 128 Spotlight: Hitler, zombies and jorts While this week’s podcast sadly does not have a discussion about

Hobo Radio 127 – Laura Harring

Laura Harring does not fit into a neat little box. Best known for her lead role in Mulholland Drive, the charming actress is also a globetrotting former Miss USA and Countess von Bismarck. With such varied and rich life experience, it’s no wonder she possesses an eclectic