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Hobo Radio 132 – And now for something completely different …

Introduction Guess the made up celebrity story The original Empire Strikes Back script Shia LeBeouf apologizes Chris Kirkman’s Lost finale plans Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Always and Forever” by Black Velvet Elvis [display_podcast] Week 132 Spotlight: And now for something completely different … Worried that their old podcast

Hobo Radio 131 – In which we mock the MTV Movie Awards …

Introduction Baltimore’s motto Tyra Banks, author The MTV Movie Award nominees Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Lost Souls” by Mr. 427 [display_podcast] Week 131 Spotlight: In which we mock the MTV Movie Awards … This week MTV stopped showing crappy reality shows long enough to release this year’s nominees

Hobo Radio 130 – A team of expendable losers

Introduction The A-Team/The Expendables/The Losers Die Hard, Anchorman and Zoolander sequels Lindsay Lohan Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Ramble On” by Benjamin McCarthy [display_podcast] Week 130 Spotlight: A team of expendable losers Hollywood’s lack of original ideas is something Joel Murphy and Lars have discussed at length before, but

Hobo Radio 129 – Know how I know you’re gay?

Introduction Tyler Perry’s Rear Window Brunch The Boy Scouts officially give up Sex tapes and nudity Joel’s man-date Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton [display_podcast] Week 129 Spotlight: Know how I know you’re gay? If you thought Joel Murphy’s life couldn’t get any more

Hobo Radio 128 – Hitler, zombies and jorts

Introduction Hitler videos Craigslist and group sex I ain’t afraid of no ghosts Joss Whedon and The Avengers Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Til This Goes Away” by Kelly Harper [display_podcast] Week 128 Spotlight: Hitler, zombies and jorts While this week’s podcast sadly does not have a discussion about

Hobo Radio 127 – Laura Harring

Laura Harring does not fit into a neat little box. Best known for her lead role in Mulholland Drive, the charming actress is also a globetrotting former Miss USA and Countess von Bismarck. With such varied and rich life experience, it’s no wonder she possesses an eclectic

Hobo Radio 126 – Virginia is for lovers

Introduction Commenters Hobo Radio fashion tips Confederate History Month Behavior Placement Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Hobo Remix” by Jesse Tokarz [display_podcast] Week 126 Spotlight: Virginia is for lovers Quite often on the show, Joel Murphy and Lars take shots at Lars’ city of residence – Baltimore, Maryland. While

Hobo Radio 125 – Second of all, thank you

Introduction Our plan Flirting with celebrities Anna Paquin and bisexuality Odds and ends Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Sunshine” by Shay [display_podcast] Week 125 Spotlight: Second of all, thank you Ana Paquin’s “shocking” announcement that she is bisexual sparks an interesting discussion between Joel Murphy and Lars this week.

Hobo Radio 124 – Going highbrow

Introduction Jesse James 10 most likable celebrities Odds and ends Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “I’ll Never Be An Astronaut” by Straight Outta Junior High [display_podcast] Week 124 Spotlight: Going highbrow Hobo Radio has often been called the Frasier of podcasts. Week after week, Joel Murphy and Lars engage

Hobo Radio 123 – Lars’ mom has got it going on

Introduction Getting old Stereotypes Double standards Lars’ mom Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Katie Comes a-Callin” by Maria Dunn [display_podcast] Week 123 Spotlight: Lars’ mom has got it going on We’ve all wondered why Lars has a drinking problem and severe emotional issues. This week, Lars finally opens up.