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Hobo Radio 103 – What are we trying to say?

Introduction Jay Leno Evening news George Lucas and Steven Spielberg Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 103 Spotlight: What are we trying to say? Only Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle could have a talk about the evening news somehow devolve into a discussion of fake scientists, overpriced shooters

Hobo Radio 102 – Pulling back the curtain

Introduction Remembering Captain Lou Pulling back curtain, Pt. 1 Large Hadron Collider Pulling back curtain, Pt. 2 Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 102 Spotlight: Pulling back the curtain If you ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look at how a professional podcast is recorded … well, clearly you are

Hobo Radio 101 – Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman

Most kids secretly dream of being Batman, so its ironic that the man who played the Dark Knight for the past 18 years grew up having no clue who Batman was. Still, it seems like a role Kevin Conroy was destined to play. Like Bruce Wayne, Conroy’s unique

Hobo Radio 100 – That’s right, Hobo Radio 100 …

Introduction Shocking announcement David Letterman The children are our future Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 100 Spotlight: That’s right, Hobo Radio 100 … On June 6, 2006, Hobo Radio was born. Now, just three short years later, the official podcast of HoboTrashcan has reached a milestone –

Hobo Radio 99 – Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009

Introduction Interview with Cap’n Slappy Contractually obligated Batman discussion Eat Like a Hobo Day [display_podcast] Week 99 Spotlight: Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009 Joel and Lars don’t have much to look forward to in their lives, but the one day every year that is marked on

Hobo Radio 98 – In which we openly wonder if anyone is listening …

Introduction Obama the liar The Double Down food rant Contractually-obligated Batman discussion Public apologies [display_podcast] Week 98 Spotlight: In which we openly wonder if anyone is listening … Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle have certainly said some objectionable things on previous podcasts, but this week they seem

Hobo Radio 97 – All Saints Day

Introduction Boondock Saints II Martin Lawrence movies Lars defends District 9 Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 97 Spotlight: All Saints Day In 1999, a little film by Troy Duffy entitled The Boondock Saints was released in theaters with little fanfare. The movie tanked at the box office,

Hobo Radio 96 – Ecstasy-induced, hungry, aggressive, angry sex

Introduction Where have we been? Breaking news A hilarious story A moneymaking scheme Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 96 Spotlight: Ecstasy-induced, hungry, aggressive, angry sex For two weeks, Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle have been M.I.A. from their weekly Hobo Radio podcasts. Their dozens of loyal listeners

Hobo Radio 94 – Crack open a cold one

[Editor’s Note: In addition to this regularly scheduled podcast, we also have a special bonus podcast this week featuring audio highlights from our interview with David Ramsey. If you aren’t subscribed to our RSS feed, you can find the podcast at the bottom of this post.] Introduction

One on One with David Ramsey

You know you're a smooth operator when you serenade a cop with a song calling her a “white skinny bitch” and instead of roughing you up and hauling you off to jail, she actually falls in love with you. But that’s just how Anton Briggs, the guitar-playing,