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Hobo Radio 90 – We’re all Bootsy

Introduction Ed McMahon Farrah Fawcett Michael Jackson Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 90 Spotlight: We’re all Bootsy To say that it’s been a tragic week in Hollywood would be an understatement. First, Ed McMahon passed away. Then, Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with cancer. And the biggest

Hobo Radio 89 – Meet me at The Hut

Introduction iPhones and “The Hut” Pasta at pizza chains Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 89 Spotlight: Meet me at The Hut Some people know how to be cool. Other are simply clueless. Apple has made a career out of marketing itself as the cool computer company. Their

Hobo Radio 88 – It is what it is

Introduction The past two shows It is what it is Tough guy actors Flo, the Progressive Insurance Saleswoman Consensually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 88 Spotlight: It is what it is Part of being a supportive friend is finding words of comfort when someone you care about is

Hobo Radio 87 – Never trust a man named McG

Introduction Terminator Salvation It’s definitely Friday American Idol Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 87 Spotlight: Never trust a man named McG This week, Terminator Salvation was released and Joel Murphy is incredibly excited to see it. The only problem is, he can’t really figure out why. Terminator

Hobo Radio 86 – Life without TV

Introduction Caps hockey and playoff beards The DMV The end of good television Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 86 Spotlight: Life without TV This is the time of year when all good TV comes to an end. Some shows give great cliffhanger finales that set you up

Hobo Radio 85 – Starring Clint Howard

Introduction Dude looks like a lady Clint Howard Caps hockey Keifer Sutherland Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 85 Spotlight: Starring Clint Howard We all know that Clint Howard is a master thespian, but this week he is also a muse to Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle. Our

Hobo Radio 84 – An important announcement …

An important announcement Wolverine Responding to our listeners Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton [display_podcast] Week 84 Spotlight: An important announcement … As you have no doubt already figured out, there is a formula to these Hobo Radio podcasts. Every week, John Cleese plugs

Hobo Radio 83 – It was bound to happen

Introduction Wacky radio DJs NPR and Smart Cars Local sports talk Honor among thieves Contractually-obligated Batman discussion Joel finally snaps [display_podcast] Week 83 Spotlight: It was bound to happen Things started off so well this week. Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle started this week’s show with a

Hobo Radio 82 – This just in: We are whores

Introduction The Office Ads on the front page of newspapers Meryl Streep and young actresses Contractually obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 82 Spotlight: This just in: We are whores For the first time in history, the Los Angeles Times ran a front-page ad that was made to

Hobo Radio 81 – Radio killed the radio star

Introduction Iowa legalizes gay marriage The sad state of radio Fun times at the DMV Contractually obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 81 Spotlight: Radio killed the radio star Driving from Boston to Virginia, Joel Murphy had a chance to sample the radio stations in several states and