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Hobo Radio 122 – Keep your hookers fresher longer

Introduction Celebrity deaths Lindsay Lohan Dane Cook Green hookers Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Minutes Too Late” by The Kellys [display_podcast] Week 122 Spotlight: Keep your hookers fresher longer If you love hookers and blow as much as Joel Murphy and Lars, this week’s podcast is one you must

Hobo Radio 121 – Expert Academy Award analysis

Introduction Baltimore Academy Awards preview Tyme Masheen Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “In A Movie” by Aisa Spade [display_podcast] Week 121 Spotlight: Expert Academy Award analysis With the 82nd Annual Academy Awards only days away, movie nerds Joel Murphy and Lars share their thoughts on the major categories and

Hobo Radio 120 – ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!

Introduction Big announcement George Lopez as Speedy Gonzales Tony Kornheiser vs. Hannah Storm Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Martyr” by Aright! [display_podcast] Week 120 Spotlight: ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! Hollywood is no stranger to bad ideas. But sometimes, the powers that be in the movie business come up with

Hobo Radio 119 – It all sucks

Introduction Fan mail Shutter Island Kevin Smith Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Geek” by The Crazy Ivans [display_podcast] Week 119 Spotlight: It all sucks In the eyes of Joel Murphy and Lars, Shutter Island, Kevin Smith’s battle with Southwest Airlines and Superman all share one thing in common –

Hobo Radio 118 – Monkey furniture

Introduction The weather Guess the Sexual Acronym Tracy Morgan and Teflon actors The Simpsons, The Who and Ticketmaster Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Maybe” by Ben Twisted [display_podcast] Week 118 Spotlight: Monkey furniture In honor of Valentine’s Day, Joel Murphy and Lars are once again playing the game that

Hobo Radio 117 – Southern accents and butt jokes

Introduction Lars’ new impression Top 25 Greatest Action Movies Top 50 Worst Movies of All Time Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “The Moon Track” by Sleeper Cell Crew [display_podcast] Week 117 Spotlight: Southern accents and butt jokes Last week, the brilliant Chris Kirkman was on the show sharing his

Hobo Radio 116 – Going Ben Linus on your hatch

Introduction Lost discussion Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Lost” by The Famous [display_podcast] Week 116 Spotlight: Going Ben Linus on your hatch This week, we are shaking things up a bit. In honor of Lost‘s impending final season, Joel Murphy and Lars have invited Chris Kirkman, HoboTrashcan’s resident Lost

Hobo Radio 115 – George Lucas is impotent

Introduction If they had a million dollars 3D movies Noodles and Company Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Boats – Swept Away” by I Am Not Lefthanded [display_podcast] Week 115 Spotlight: George Lucas is impotent As Avatar continues to break box office records, it encourages other films to incorporate 3D

Hobo Radio 114 – A darker shade of blue

Introduction Jay Leno ruins everything, Part Two Avatar makes people want to kill themselves Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Ain’t No Fool” by The Revellions [display_podcast] Week 114 Spotlight: A darker shade of blue With the incompetence of NBC and the evilness of Jay Leno once again dominating entertainment

Hobo Radio 113 – With a side of mayo

Introduction Jay Leno ruins everything Baltimore update Fun with Escort Service shorthand Contractually-obligated Batman discussion “Rocks for Gold” by Jimmy Golding [display_podcast] Week 113 Spotlight: With a side of mayo It’s a proven fact that Jay Leno ruins everything. After tainting the once great Tonight Show with