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Hobo Radio 66 – Party poopers

Introduction Halloween costumes Drinking advice Contractually obligated Batman discussion – Batman vs. Superman “Your Year” by Last Letter Read Week 66 Spotlight: Party poopers While Joel Murphy and Lars are used to being the life of the party wherever they go, their refusal to wear costumes to

Hobo Radio 65 – Ranting and raving

Introduction Joe the Plumber Billy Bob Thornton, ladies man Pulling back the curtain Hobo Stu Contractually obligated Batman discussion “Code Monkey” by Jonathan Coulton Week 65 Spotlight: Ranting and raving You have probably all realized by now that Joel Murphy is filled with a considerable amount of

Hobo Radio 64 – Chuck vs. the ratings

Introduction Financial advice The new face of television Contractually obligated Batman discussion “Forget to Breathe” by Renee Cassar Week 64 Spotlight: Chuck vs. the ratings This week, Joel Murphy was alarmed to discover that one of his favorite shows, Chuck, is struggling to find an audience this

Hobo Radio 63 – Dude, where’s my car?

Introduction Death wishes What happened to Lars’ car? Contractually obligated Batman discussion “The Perfect Woman” by Bo Burnham Week 63 Spotlight: Dude, where’s my car? When Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott’s car went missing, it was the beginning of a wacky and unpredictable journey involving aliens

Hobo Radio 62 – Do you believe in magic?

Introduction Contractually obligated Batman discussion David Blaine and the sad state of magic “Basis of everything” by Delorentos Week 62 Spotlight: Do you believe in magic? In his latest publicity stunt, David Blaine suspended himself upside down for 60 hours, then did a “dive of death” in

Hobo Radio 61 – International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Introduction Contractually obligated Batman discussion Interview with Cap’n Slappy “I’m a Pirate” by The Pirate Guys Week 61 Spotlight: International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Most days you are trapped in your boring office job, forced to joylessly fill out TPS reports inside your tiny cubicle. But

Hobo Radio 60 – Armageddon office pool

Introduction Contractually obligated Batman discussion The Large Hadron Collider Armageddon office pool “Haunted” by Tell-Tale Heartbreakers Week 60 Spotlight: Armageddon office pool. Earlier this week, international scientists successful launced the Large Hadron Collider, a particle-smashing machine that may unlock the mysteries of the universe. Or, it may

Hobo Radio 59 – In a world without Don LaFontaine

Introduction Contractually obligated Batman discussion A tribute to Don LaFontaine TV shows “Just Walk Away” by Trading Voices Week 59 Spotlight: In a world without Don LaFontaine. Don LaFontaine, the King of Voiceovers and the man who coined the phrase “In a world,” which is used to

Hobo Radio 58 – Phelps phans

Introduction Contractually obligated Batman discussion Michael Phelps The new HoboTrashcan.com “Le Spinner” by Isabelle Antena Week 58 Spotlight: Phelps phans. Michael Phelps captured America’s attention with his record-setting performance at this year’s Olympics. He will soon return home to Baltimore, where parades will be held in his

Hobo Radio 57 – Sax appeal

Introduction Contractually obligated Batman discussion LeRoi Moore of Dave Matthews Band Saxophones, Metallica and Denzel Washington “Wo bist du?” by Trinchen Week 57 Spotlight: Sax appeal. LeRoi Moore, the talented saxophonist for Dave Matthews Band, died this past week due to complications from an ATV accident. He